Harry Potter

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Y/n Black has always been very self conscious of her body. Thats why she waited until the other girls were gone to rinse off in the locker room showers after practices and games. Y/n is a Gryffindor beater. She replaced the Fred Weasley after they graduated. The sixth year Gryffindor has always wanted to be on the team and was so excited when she got a spot on the team. Of course mabey the fact she's best friends with one of the players, Harry Potter, hped her onto the team. Shes had the biggest crush on him ever since the end of second year when she woke up being petrified. Yes she is a half blood but she was involved with the Justin and Nearly Headless Nick accident.

Anyway as Y/n rinsed off she didnt notice the person entering the girls area. She reached for her towel only to find it gone. Groaning she walks over to her locker looking for the towel. When she's unable to find it she grabs her spare. She quickly sets that down before bending down to grab her uniform that she knocked over. As she stood up she heard a low moan.

You turn to see none other than the dark haired boy you've known since day one. He tosses his head back biting his lip. You quickly grab your towel and press it to your body. He turns his head to see you. He smirks and messes with his pants. He walks over to you smirking before biting his lip.

"Ha-Harry what are you doing here?" You asks the boy with wide eyes. He brushes a lock of hair away from your face and looks down upon you. He licks her lips before continuing.

"I come here to take a shower. The boys one is filthy." He says. "But you happened to be in it. So I sat back and enjoyed the show." He admits truthfully. Your eyes grow wide as a wide blush spreads across your face.

"Katie took to long. I didnt think you would show up." You say. He grins and looks down. You look down to see your left breast poping out of your towel. You quickly cover it up before looking back at Harry. Your a Gryffindor. Your suppose to be brave yet right now you feel so weak and scared. You shiver as he rest a hand on your shoulder. He leans down to your ear and lets out a sigh.

"You know, that show was just amazing. Why dont you do another. This time include me." He whispers sending shivers down your spine. He grabs your hand before you can protest and drags you to the shower you where in earlier. He tears off his shirt and pulls off his pants. Then slowly as if he was teasing you he slides his boxers down. His wand springs free making you blush. He smirks and grabs your towel. In a moment he pulls it from your body making you gasp and cover yourself up. Harry scowls and grabs your hands. He tears them away from your body and holds them against the shower walls.

"Thats better." He grins before leaning down and taking your nipple in his mouth. He swirls his tongue around the erect peak and tugs on it with his teeth. You let out a low moan and close your eyes. His hands are gone from your wrist leaving you to wrap them in his hair. His right hand slides down your side then to your back. He grabs your butt making you gasp. He moves his other hand to your other boob and massages it with his palm. You shiver in delight and let out a small moan. He grin and kisses his way up your neck. He kisses up the side of your face until he finds your ear. He nibbles on your ear lobe and massages both breasts. You find your chamber of secrets becoming wet fast.
"Harry!" You yell out as he moved a hand down to your chamber. He smirks and crashes his lips upon yours. You quickly kiss back with just as much force as you wrap you arms around his neck and tug on his raven hair with your hands. He bites your lip lightly asking for entrance but you playfully tease him. He growls and shoves a finger into you. You gasp and he quickly takes advantage of the situation. He slips his tongue into tour mouth as he slips his fingure out of your soaking wet pussy. Your tongues battle for dominance as he squeezes your breast. He ends up winning and explores your mouth with his tongue. You both pull away for air still holding onto each other. You drop to your knees and come face to face with his wand. You grab it causeing him to grunt and look down.

"Y/n what are yo- OHHHHHHHH!" He screams out in pleasure as you slip your tongue over the head. You reach down and grab his balls with your free hand, massaging them in your plam. He moans as you take him in your mouth, swirling your tongue making him cry out. You rub the base and continue to lick him. He grabs the back of your head, his eyes rolling back. You stop rubbing him and take his 9in dick in your mouth. You slowly bob your head up and down, teasing him, making him beg for more. He moans your name giving you the motivation.

"Y/n!" He screams as you hollow out your cheeks and bob your head at a speed that would make sonic stop and stare in awe. You deep throat him making him yell out in pleasure.

"Y/n! Im gonna-!" He pulls himself out of your mouth and sprays his hot, white seed all over your chest. He reaches over and turns on the water. It sprays your body as you stand up, washing Harry's orgasm off of your chest. He press's you up against the stall and attacks your lips again. He pulls away with water running down his face.

"Jump." You do as he says and wrap your legs around his waist. He rubs the inside of your thigh making you let out a moan. He smirks and brings his wand to your chamber. He rubs it along your entrance, teasing you with a smirk. Your throw your arms back and groan.

"Harry, please!" You moan wanting more. He smirks and obeys, thrusting hard into you. You yell out in pleasure. He slams into making your grip his shoulders and throw your head back, yelling his name.

"HARRY!" He thrust in even faster and groans. He moans and rubs your clit with his thumb. You lightly run your nails along his back as his thrust became needy. You felt the knot in your stomach come undone as your walls tightened around him. You cum on his member making him throw his head back and thrust into you a few more times. He delivers one last Harry thrust and fills you with his seed. He quickly sets you down and spins you around. He bends you over leaving your ass in his face with your hands on the wall. You hear some grunts behind you and feel him harden against you.

"Damn Y/n your to damn sexy." He whispers in my ear. I bite my lip as he slips into me again. He thrusts farther into me with lust and need. Our moans fill the locker room along with the sound of skin slapping together. I tighten around him and yell out as I cum again.

"HARRY!" He pounds into me harder and faster making me moan. If he keeps this up im gonna cum again. He slaps my ass making me yell out.

"Y/n! Im gonna-!"

"Do it in me! You already have!" You scream as he pounds into you faster. He grunts and groans before screaming out your name.

"Y/N!" He seed spills into you as he holds your hips, panting and moaning. He pulls out and hugs your nude body to him. He hands you a towel and then wraps one around his own body. Your original towel. You head back to your locker and grab your clothing. You quickly get dressed and do a quick drying spell to your hair. You throw it up into a pony tail and grab your wand from your locker. You close it up and lock it be for turning to Harry. You quickly make your way back to the common room and find Ron.

"Harry, Y/n! You'll never believe what happened!" He exclaimed. You and Harry roll your eyes and wait for his answer.

"So Katie borrowed a broom polishing kit and told me to grab it from her locker but when I went into the locker rooms all I could hear were moans. Some bloody couple were shagging in the bloody showers. Can you believe it? I left the minute I realized what was happening." Ron says with wide eyes. Harry and you look at each other be for bursting into laughter.

"What?" He questions.

"We believe you Ron dont worry." You say before heading up to your dormitory. Sex is tiring.

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