The day after school

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Lucy's Pov~

The final bell rings of the first day as I sigh in relief walking to the lockers to put my books away. My phone begins to ring as I walk out the building and see its my dad and I answer.

-Sweetheart. My new job started out pretty bad and we need lots of money to fix some problems. So I won't be able to give you your allowance until who knows when. My friend owns a cafe shop downtown. She has given you permission to work there until further notice. I'll send you the address. For now that'll help with your needs. I need to go bye.

Before I could say anything else the call ended. I sighed again as I get a message of the address and I began walking. After a while I got off the bus and looked around walking down two blocks and see a cute cozy looking cafe. I smile softly walking inside and see the place full of people! I nervously walk my way to the cashier asking for Marijane Strauss. The cashier leads me to the back as I see a beautiful woman with white long hair smiling at me.

"Hello~ you must be Lucy. Hehe I'm Marijane nice to meet you!"

She gives me a big embrace as I blush and smile

"H-Hai n-nice to meet you"I stutter nervously looking down.

"Awh don't be like that. From now own treat me as a big sister! Your uniform is in the third locker to your right. My little sister lisanna will help you on your first day. Have fun!"
She said smiling walking off to the front to fix everyone. As I walk to my locker and get out my uniform I see a girl walking towards me who looks like a younger version of Marijane. W-wow..b-beautiful...every girl here is so gorgeous compared to me..ACK! How can I compare myself to those beauties. Nuuu now I sound gay. Stop it Lucy stop it. She smiles softly at me and extends her hand out.

"Hello my name is Lisanna. I was informed by my sister to show you around. So put your uniform on and we'll get going. I'll wait out here~"

She walked back out and I began to to change into my uniform. It was a strapless black corset with white ruffles on top and a black fluffy skirt with white ruffles on the bottom. Around my waist was a white sash that was formed into a bow on the back. I fixed my glasses and hair up in a pony tail and put on my small black heels with knee lengthed socks and walked outside nervously. Lisanna smiled at me and went through all the procedures.

~Time skip. Fifth order~

I had first day jitters as my legs were shaking especially that these heels made it worse to walk. I went to leave a meal at someone's table as the kid sitting there was all dirty from the face. I couldn't help but chuckle as I took out a napkin and wiped off his mind and cheeks. Suddenly my vision went a bit blurry as I realize the kid snatched my glasses. Before his mom could take them away I heard a Snap!
N-nononono. My glasses were broken in two the lady tried to apologize but I just shook it off and smiled saying it was okay and remembered about the drinks I had to take to another table as I turned quickly to my right and hit my face against something and find my self on the floor. I heard whispers everywhere. I opened my eyes rubbing my nose in pain as I see a guy kneeling his back facing me that all soaking wet! I look at my hand and my tray is on the floor and the drinks fell on him! I panicked getting up apologizing nervously as the whispers grew louder
-I-it's Nastu Dr-Dragneel..
-s-she's dead that's for sure
-Ohh my lord...

~Cliffhanger>.< ! I would continue but I need to sleep. I hope you guys like this. I'll update tomorrow. Thank-you minnaaaa~

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