Jilly Part 76a

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Did a little bit of editing this morning. 28th April '16

Jilly's POV...

I've been living on and off with my grandparents for years. Not that they are my real grandparents though. They are my birth mothers aunt and uncle. But I stay with them when Dad goes off on one of his jobs. I could have stayed with my other grandmother, but there were a few problems with that.

I think it had something to do with my mother. From what everyone has mentioned about her, she wasn't a nice person. I didn't believe them at all until one day when I saw something that nearly made me sick. I was 14 at the time and I was having a hard time. Nan said it was hormones kicking in.

But it wasn't. I had been bullied for such a long time over something that I had no part in. But since I was an easy target, I was the one that everyone lashed out on.

From what I gathered, a lot of families in the area had invested in a new company that was supposedly coming to town. Both of my grandfathers were employed as workers in that company. My mothers father was an embezzler and unfortunately, my dad's father was one of the finance officers in the company.

I'm not too sure how they met up or even what all the details were, but suffice to say that the company wasn't a legal one anyway and they established a company to launder money they had through it. It doesn't matter any more since it happened a long time before I was born.

But I do know that my mother was involved somehow and it got her killed in a shoot out when she was pregnant with me causing me to be born several weeks prematurely. I found out later that my dad didn't want me and that he hated my mother.

I also heard a lot of things about my mother and her father, but I thought they couldn't be true, at least I thought they couldn't be until I heard my own mothers admission on a video tape that uncle Jimmy had taken of her and aunt Jenny.

They aren't my real aunt and uncle. They are my adopted grandparents children. I grew up knowing uncle Jimmy, but I didn't know aunt Jenny. But I heard about her.

I heard about her from my dad when he got drunk a few times a year. It was usually on the same day every year too.

It seems that her and my dad were the best of friends. They were always together doing stuff and my mother didn't like it. My mother liked dad and wanted him for herself and she was so jealous of her cousin, Jenny that she would do anything to break them up. And she did.

So she planned some nasty things to happen which involved having dad turn on aunt Jenny, having her own father arrested and also having dad's parents arrested, although I don't think she really meant that to happen.

When I was 14 years old, I needed some information for an essay that was to be handed in by weeks end and after a virus got into my pc and wiped all my hard work out, uncle Jimmy said I can use his pc to do the work on.

To be able to touch his very personal computer was a dream come true. he built it up from the ground on his own and it was a one of a kind. No one had anything like it, anywhere. So it was a privilege to not only see it, but touch it.

But being a girl, and a smart one at that, I did my homework and had time to spare when I saw an icon that I thought was odd and being a girl, a teenage girl at that, and let loose on a boy's computer, I just had to have a peak, didn't I?

What I saw was a video of my aunt Jenny coming out of her bedroom while Jimmy was trying to discover what those moans and groans were that were coming out from another room. I sat there and watched the whole video from beginning to end.

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