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"Alright you ready to audition for the part? Did you do your practices this morning? Are you feeling well?" My manager and best friend Levy asked

"I'm fine! Don't worry so much." I laughed as we neared to the door that would lead me to my auditions.

"I'm just nervous for you is all." She smiled

"Thank you for that. Although I am the one doing the audition not you." Levy laughed and I continued. "I'm gonna go in wish me luck!" I wave goodbye and enter the room.

"Hi please state your name and we will begin."


I looked out at the crowd as I sat on a sofa with the famous Lester, talk show host.

"Tell us Mr. Dragneel, is there any girl in particular in mind at the moment?" He asked wiggling his eyebrows

I kissed my teeth and laughed." one. At the moment."

"You're coming back a little later in the year maybe then things might change." He gave me a playful smirk

" Who knows? I'm starting a new show so things could get interesting." I shrugged while the crowd laughed and clapped approvingly.

"We'll see. Well that's it for today, thank you for coming out Natus very kind."

"Anytime, bye!"

Lel first happen hope you liked it even tho it was like short. Ha



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