[Jojen Reed] My Wildling Part 2 {Imagine}

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Hey guys,

I know it's been awhile since izzy and I updated. It was requested I wrote a part 2 to this imagine so here it is make sure you read part 1 before this if you haven't already. Sorry if it's short guys.



b/n/y/l- Baby name/s you like.


You jolted up feeling like crap pain jolting through your stomach. Your head throbbing you felt dizzy and you were sure you were going to be sick, Jojen stirred beside you his arms still fastened around your waist. You tried to gently wriggle out of his grasp you were definitely going to be sick now. Didn't work really well Jojen groaned and woke up releasing his grip on your waist as soon as he saw you holding your stomach he looked at you worried "are you okay love?" he asked.

You shook your head and winced quickly getting up and running outside you collapsed in the snow when you made it out throwing up, Jojen walked out a minute later and held your hair back out of your face and rubbed soothing circles on your back. "You don't think" you mumbled quietly your bottom lip wobbling, "think what?" he asked confused. "Jojen I think i'm with child" you replied, Jojens eyes widened and his face went pale and he looked scared.

Then his eyes brightened and he wrapped you in a hug lifting you up, "that's great love I can't believe it" he exclaimed. You giggled "you want a child? I didn't think you would" you said softly he spun you around in his arms then put you down "of course I do I can't believe i'm going to be a father" he replied excitedly.

"I love you so much Jojen" you smiled and kissed his cheek "I love you too" he replied kissing your forehead, "what's going on?" Meera asked walking beside Hodor who was carrying Bran. Bran's your little brother and Meera is Jojens sister so you wonder how they will react. Jojen wrapped his arm around your shoulders "well guys i'm w-with child" you said nervously Meera grinned and hugged you "that's great news" she said happily. 

Bran smiled a small smile then narrowed his eyes at Jojen "don't even think about hurting her" he glared at Jojen. Jojen rolled his eyes "not a chance" he replied kissing the top of your head you blushed Bran nodded and grinned at you. You all started to walk Jojen and you lagging back behind the rest "Y/N do you know what you want our child to be?" Jojen asked you shrugged "I don't mind if it's a boy or a girl I will love he or she no matter what" you replied.

"what about you?" you ask "yeah I don't mind either way this will be a beautiful baby" Jojen smiles kissing your cheek, "what about names? we should think of some" you reply "hmmm I don't know what do you think?" he asks "what about b/n/y/l or b/n/y/l?" you asked "sounds perfect" he replied stopping and bending down resting his hands on your stomach.

"hey there i'm your daddy" he says to your stomach making you giggle he's so cute and he's gonna be a great dad "aww Jojen" you giggle he smiles up at you and kisses your stomach earning another giggle from you. "I love you and your mummy very much" he says to your stomach and stands up kissing you deeply. "I love you too" you reply laying butterfly kisses on his jawline.

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