All of her life, the daughter of the alpha of the Moonstone Pack, Anastasia Conjux has struggled with being blind. She has had to deal with children in her pack making fun of her when she was younger, and now she has to put up with her family treating her like a child. But still, she is a strong, perseverant and bold young woman that wants nothing but to meet her mate and have her happily ever after.

Elliot Stuprum is the Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. His belief in life is that mates are not all that important. You do not need them to survive, and he certainly does not need one to survive. He is perfectly fine with staying single all of his life. His father died when he was nine, and his mother has been matriarch if their pack ever since. But now, she is getting too old to rule the pack, and Elliot must step up to be Alpha. The catch is, he needs a Luna in order to rule the pack.

Elliot and Anastasia's paths cross for political reasons, but their stories soon become intertwined for a much more profound reason.

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