Who is she?

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Your Pov

Maybe this wasn't the smartest decision but you made it anyways. You find yourself hesitant to knock on your best friends door, you haven't seen Edd in years after all.

"You can do this (y/n)!" You mumble to yourself.

You raise your hand to knock on the brown door and hit something soft and green instead.


You look up, your (e/c) meeting a familiar brown pair.

"Edd?" You ask as he pulls you into a big hug.

"It feels like it has been centuries since I have last seen you! Come inside!" He leads you into the living room, you spot your two other friends sitting on a red couch.

"Matt, Tom!" You squeal

Tom stands up and runs over to you hugging you tightly.

"(Y/n)?" He pulls away and examines your facial features

"No it's Tord." You laugh Edd and Tom join in.

"Who is she?" Matt asked staring at you in confusion.

"(Y/n), Matt she hung out with us all the time." Edd explained. Matt just shrugged and returned to watching tv.

"So what brings you back here anyways?" Tom asks

"Well I'm done traveling the world, and I thought why not come back to see my four best friends! Speaking of which where is Tord anyways?" You would never admit it but you always had a bit of a crush on the Norwegian boy. Edd frowned and Tom rolled his "eyes"

"Sorry to disappoint you but Tord left not to long after you did (y/n)" Edd said grabbing a Coke from the kitchen

"It doesn't matter I never really liked Tord anyways." Tom sighed "where are you going to be staying anyways (y/n)?" You open your mouth to reply but Edd cuts you off.

"Here of course! She can stay in your old room!" Edd said taking a sip of his Cola

"Edd you turned my old room into a swimming pool!" Tom shouts. You roll your eyes giggling,

"I guess we better start draining it."

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