chapter 11

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 i turn to the stereo in the dance room and turn it on. dont let me down by the chainsmokers ft. daya comes on. i start dancing to it, a mix of hip hop and ballet. when im done i flip my hair and shake it out.

"i thought that was you." a very familiar voice says from the doorway.

"of course it was, who else would it be?" i smirk and turn around.  we scream and hug each other.

"hi Nina, what are you doing here?" caly asks. caly was short for calypso, she was in the Greek coven.

"i, oh. i came to give you and your family news." i say.

"great, last time you were here my brother was out visiting Italy, you just missed. but hes here now." she says and grabs me by the hand. one thing i loved about the floros, that was their last name, was there house was next to ours. she pulls me into the house.

"mom!" she calls. adara her mom walks down the stairs. i smile.

"Nina! dear, you didn't tell me you were coming." i look down.

"i didn't know until two weeks ago." i say smiling.

"well, tell us your news," she says.

"uh, well there's like two and a half things." i say. "well one is i now you guys are vegitarian vampires." 

they freeze. Alexander zooms down the stairs and pulls caly by the waist protectively.  i Achilles there father does the same to adara, and i suddenly find Nicholas in front of me. Alexander and caly were mates along with Achilles and adara.

"holy! Nicholas you must not do that!" Nicholas just appeared in front of me.

"how did you find out?" Achilles asks.

"calm down, im still human, i think" i squint my eyes thinking of Laurent and his bite. "there was a coven down in forks, i fell in love with one of them, he turned out to be my mate."

they relax.

"where is he now?" caly asks. i look down at my feet. the dream i had about the Cullen's was just a fantasy.

"my best friend Bella was a blood singer of my mates brother, but those two fell in love. in September we had a birthday party for Bella. she was opening a gift and got a paper cut. my mate was turned down in the vampire wars in Texas and still had trouble with his blood lust, and then you add on the fact that he can control and feel the emotions of everyone. so his and his whole families blood lust, he ran. there was an accident in the end all Bella had to get was stitches. but they left, Bella's boyfriend got to say goodbye, but i didn't. i haven't seen him sense." i look down at my hands. caly comes over and hugs me.

"any who, that's not why im here though." i say looking up at caly. i exhale. "my mom, well just read it."

i hand the invitation the adara and sit down on a couch.

"im sorry dear." she says after she reads the invitation. 

"its alright, i gotta save the tears for the funeral, yeah."

"there's something else, isn't there?" Alexander asks. 

"before my mom passed. she told me my 'dad' rob was not my dad. she gave me one last thing she, wanted me to find my real dad. she gave me a picture and a name. she told me before he left he said he didn't want to hurt my mom. she said he had red eyes and was going to Greece. do think you might know him?" i ask.

"whats his name?" Achilles asks.

"Alice?" an unfamiliar voice says. i look up and freeze. there he was chocolate brown skin, tanned and golden eyes that used to be green. i rest my elbow on my knees and put my face into my hands and laugh.

"uh, Nina whose your father?" caly asks.

"no need." i hand her the photo.

"does he know your..?" she asks referring to if Elliot knows my mom was pregnant.

"he will," we laugh. i throw my head back laughing, tears slipping past my eyes. caly does the same thing.

"girls what's going on?" adara asks and comes over sitting next to me. i just hand her the picture. i sober up, i fan my face from crying so much.

"is this serious?" she asks.

"that's the picture my mom gave me." i shake my head.

"Alice how did you find me and why do they keep calling you Nina?" Elliot asks.

"welcome to the family." adara says.

"do i really look that much like Alice? shes twenty something older then me. and she doesn't have these eyes." i say pointing to my eyes.

"your right, who are you and why do you look so much like Alice?" he asks using his vampire speed to get in front of me.

"look in these eyes and maybe you'll see. it was a month before you left Alice, am i correct? she would have been a month pregnant with me?" i smirk. his eyes widen.


"she had news to tell you, but dont worry. im not mad because you left, i know you were turned." i say. "hello Elliot, im Nina, your daughter."


"so let me get this strait. your moms aunt is your mates adopted sister?"

"yes, and your mom is Cheyenne McCarty, shes dead and your dad is Geovani cativar." i say to my dad. unlike Robert it felt natural.

"yes and i had an uncle, e something McCarty. but he got killed by a bear." he says. i groan.

"please dont say Emmett McCarty." i say.

"yes, it was Emmett, how did you know?"

"your uncle," i laugh. "was turned and is my mates adopted brother."

"so your mates adopted brother is my uncle and his sister is your great aunt.. wait whose in this Olympic coven?" he asks.

"well there's the father, hes a surgeon. his name is Carlisle Cullen. his mate is esme. his first turned is Edward, Bella my best friends boyfriend. next comes Rosalie and her mate id Emmett, your uncle. then there's Alice and jasper. Alice doesn't have a mate, shes my great aunt.  but jasper is my mate." i say.


short chapter, but Nina found her father and is biologically related to Emmett to.

im still deciding if next chapter should be a chapter or an epilogue. 

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