My Enemy (A Harry Styles Fanfiction)

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WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE. I am not putting an age rating on this because it's unfair but if you are younger than 13 and read this story then expect strong language. Ok thank you

Becca is a young adult that grew up in Cheshire with no other than THE Harry Styles. Even though she may have grown up with him doesn't mean they were exactly friends, actually they were the complete opposite. They were worst enemies. They weren't always like this though. When Becca had a huge crush on Harry he took advantage and used her. Saying he loved her and that he wanted to be with her, he used her for no other than sex. Taking her V card he confessed the next day that he was infact using her. This tore Becca apart. She was just an innocent girl that fell for a boy. When Becca has finally moved on 2 years later, her and Harry cross paths again. Becca is out for revenge while Harry is trying to change. Will the past be too much for Becca? Will she ever be able to forgive Harry? Will her old feelings come back? Will Harry discover her plan to get revenge? Once an enemy always an enemy, even if you fall for eachother.

New story yay! I have decided I am going to be writing as much of this as I can before I post it. Then it won't be such a long wait between updates. I will try and write as quickly as I can and I may update a starting chapter tonight, based in the past of the story. Hope you guys like it and hopefully I will be able to post it soon! Thank you guys<3

(Just a small note, Becca is 20 the boys are the ages they are now)

PLEASE DO NOT COPY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORY. If I find out it has been copied I will report it and report you. It is classed as plagiarism and it will NOT be tolerated in any form.
Thank you.

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