For the Beast and the Wrath of the Rose

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Here's a quick chart of the children so you can kinda know who's who. Also, I would like to make note that most of their ages have been adjusted so they can fit into my story.

Draco and Hermione: Scorpius Malfoy (Fifth Year, Slytherin) ; Ariana Malfoy (Third Year, Gryffindor); Demetria Malfoy (2)

Harry and Ginny: James Sirius Potter (Fifth Year, Gryffindor) ; Albus Severus Potter (Third Year, Slytherin); Lily Luna Potter (Second Year, Gryffindor); Teddy Remus Lupin (18,  Auror Trainee)

Ron and Pansy: Rose Weasley (Fifth Year, Gryffindor) ; Peyton Weasley (First Year, Slytherin)

Blaise and Cho: Angelo Zabini (Fourth Year, Slytherin) ; Savanna Zabini (Third Year, Ravenclaw)

Dean and Luna: Lorcan and Lysander Thomas (Twins, Fourth Years, Ravenclaws) ; Dawn Thomas (Second Year, Gryffindor)

Seamus and Lavender: Dash Finnegan. (Fourth Year, Gryffindor)

George and Angelina: Fred Weasley II and Roxanne Wealsey (Twins, Fifth Year, Gryffindors)

Bill and Fleur: Victoire Weasley (17, Healer Trainee) ; Dominique Weasley (Seventh Year, Gryffindor) ; Louis Weasley (Sixth Year, Gryffindor)

Other Characters: Damien McLaggen (Sixth Year, Slytherin) ; Lana McLaggen (Fifth Year, Slytherin) ; Joseph Flint (Sixth Year, Slytherin) Thomas Nott (Sixth Year, Slytherin)

Hope that helps! Now we continue on with the chapter (:


"You'd think Harry Potter was walking down this bloody corridor carrying Voldemort's head," Lily Potter scoffed at a few lustful girls and boys who gaped in her direction. Normally, she was hardly anything exciting for people to give attention to, but at the current moment she was trapped in Scorpius Malfoy's firm grip. And wherever Malfoy went, well— IQs decreased. 

"Stop squirming, Lily-Pad," Scorpius said, ignoring her frown at the pet-name no one aside from her Weasley grandparents were allowed to use. "You're ruining our lovely stroll. People will think you're not my favorite Potter." 

Lily tried to reach for her wand in his left pocket. When he smacked her hand away, she hissed, "Okay, three things, Scor. One, I am not your favorite Potter. That'd be Al."

Scorpius smirked. That was hardly news for anyone.

"Two," she continued, "you kidnapped me as I was on my way to Gryffindor Tower, so this is not, whatsoever, a lovely stroll. Three, end this torture right this minute before one of your many fangirls manages to get their brain cells working and register my face. I do not want hate mail or poison in my morning pumpkin juice."

"See, you're actually wrong, Lily-Pad," Scorpius came to a stop with the Second Year Gryffindor, right at the entrance of the Great Hall. "You're my favorite Potter girl. Hell, you're even my favorite Weasley descendant, too."

When Lily was finally released from her imprisonment, she crossed her arms over her chest, letting out an annoyed huff. "Tell me what you want already, for Merlin's sake. I'd like to continue my day Malfoy free."

Scorpius felt no offense to that. He found the girl endearing with her spunk and fire. At just twelve, she was a force to be reckoned with. She had more determination and dominance than her older brothers, and he respected the fear she brought to the table. 

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