chapter 10: he's acting like he cares

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Bella buried her head into Edward's neck remembering the screams of the people massacred by the volturi, she also did it because she felt like he would disappear. at least that's what i could tell from my misty figure standing in the middle of the aisle of the airplane. Alice sat on the other side of Bella reading a fashion magazine, typical Alice.

the plane landed and we got off. in the waiting area waiting was Carlisle, esme, Rosalie, Emmett and jasper. i read their minds to see what was going on.

Alice saw a vision of Bella jumping off a cliff she told Rosalie. then she went to forks to see if it was real. it was, but Bella didn't try to kill herself, she did it for recreational sport, cliff diving. Rosalie then told Edward and Edward phoned Bella's house where Jacob answered and said charlie was not available because he was preparing for a funeral but forgot to say it was harry's  funeral. Edward thought Bella was dead and went to the volturi to kill him. Alice saw this and her and Bella left for voltera to stop him, they did but the rest of the family didn't know if he was alive or not.

"im so sorry, id didn't mean to" Rosalie started.

"its alright Rosalie."

"thank you for saving my son." esme said. there was a lot of thank yous and such before jasper asked a question that silenced all.

"where's Nina?" he asked. Bella looked down at the ground.

"isn't she with you?"

"im sorry jasper." she said. 

"please tell me she didn't die?" he was acting like he cared.

"no, she just, i haven't seen her in a week, no one has. she wont open her house and shes not answering her phone."  

Bella looks up and sees me.

"Nina? what are you doing here? where have been?" she asks.

"Bella, Nina's not here. you just said that."

"floating Ouija board?" she asks ignoring Edward. the family immediately knows what was going on, we had talked about it.

"yes Bella, im asleep." i tell her.

"well where are you?" i look down and a tear slides down my face.

"im fine, but you'll find out soon." i look at jasper. "hes acting like he cares isn't he?" 

"because he does." she says confused.

"what's she saying?" jasper asks.

"or does he? its like Laurent said 'but did he really care if he left you?'"

"wait... you didn't.. did you?" she says. i know shes referring to turning into a vampire.

"no Bella, im still human, im sure of it." 

"he really does love you, you know." she says.

"i know Bella, i was just joking. i knew he still loved me just like how Edward lied massively when he told you he didn't love you. Bella, hes told you hes loved you how many time? and you believe him that he doesn't love you when he says it once. Bella, you were kind off stupid. every time he looked at you was like a blind man looking at the sun for the first time.'i dont believe words, i believe actions, they say actions speak louder then words and they are correct.'"

i start to fade.

"Nina where are you? were all worried." she says.

"all will be revealed soon, Bella. and you would wish that it hadn't." i look down at the ground then wake up.

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