Chapter 30

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~Ed's Best Friend~

Chapter 30

Rose's POV

"Harry Styles, the 19 year old member of the popular band One Direction  was spotted in London, driving towards a restaurant with female company. As soon as the couple saw the paparazzi Harry turned the car around and drove away. Luckily  our photographer was still able to take a shot of the couple, before they leaved for Harry's place.

The brown haired girl who gave him company is also known as Rose Jones, the girl who got discovered by Ed Sheeran.

Are they friends? Or more? Did  heartthrob Harry finally found a girl he's able to stay with longer than a night? Or will she be added to his 'ex- list' which consists of Taylor Swift, Cara Develagne and many others?

Will she be another victim of the famous womanizer?

Maybe she'll do the same as Taylor Swift. She's a sing and songwriter after all, maybe she'll finally get a hit!

Would you ship them?

Let us know what you think on our site!" I read out.

I quickly checked out, buying the magazine too, and now I'm in my car reading the article for the hundred time.

I'm not a victim! Why would they write this bullshit? We're talking about Harry here! The guy who chooses to watch a romantic comedy instead of an action movie or something like that, who serenaded me, who chose to love me, who's sad to leave me to go to the bathroom, who can act like a little child.

How is someone able to tell so many lies about someone they don't  even know! Who gives someone the right to do that!?

They probably watched every step we made since yesterday.

I need to call Harry! I need to tell him!

Harry's POV

"Next on Celeb News, Harry Styles and new talent Rose Jones dating? You'll find out in a minute!" Those are  the only words I need to hear to stop me from doing everything I was doing.

What? You've got to be kidding me!

I let myself fall onto the couch, focusing on the screen.

"I'm Grace and this is Celeb News" The blond, fake smiling women tells the camera.

Aah I hate her, she wanted to interview me once and ever since I said 'no' she's trying to destroy my image.

"Heartthrob Harry Styles had some female company yesterday! I know that isn't that spectacular anymore but the girl is also known as Rose Jones! Ed Sheeran's little project! Who saw that one coming?"

"They were spotted together in Harry's car on their way to a restaurant but as soon as they saw the paparazzi, Harry turned the car around and drove away with high speed! I'd be a little bit more careful Harry!" The man standing next to grace says.

"Are they dating? Or is this just another one night stand. If it's the second one we can already say we gained another dumb pop-star! Tell us what you think on our twitter, Facebook or the website! We'll keep you updated!" and with that the screen goes black, a commercial already popping up.

I don't care what they say about me! But Rose, she's still working on her image! She doesn't deserve a bad one! What if Because of me her image will be screwed up! She can't have that!

This job would be so much easier without all those media people.