First of all HI! :D Thank you for reading 'I Was Never Yours'-I sincerely hope you like it :) Thank you to all the readers and fans who have made this story what it is today-over a million reads? Seriously??

But the thing is-I'm not at all proud of the kind of effort I've put into this. I had an idea but the execution of it failed majorly for me. I would much rather you read, 'The Bad Boy's Girl' since it is so much more readable than this is. I wrote IWNY without much though, being extremely casual about the writing, proof reading, editing, storyline. Many things wont make sense and I cringe when I read the utter crap that I've written. I'm not removing it from Wattpad because in some ways this story is special to me. However it is not by any means my best work so I would encourage you guys to not read it. If however you do read it, I'd just like to say that I'm a different writer now or at least I hope I am. This story does not define who I am as a writer anymore so hopefully you guys will still want to give me a second shot.


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It's the day of her sister's wedding and 18 year old Arianna Bell couldn't be more excited. The wedding is what magazines are  referring  to as the 'The Wedding of the Decade'. Olivia Bell, daughter of Senator Charles Bell marrying the heir to the Price Empire. It is indeed a dream wedding with decorators hired from world over to give the 3000 guests the best day of their lives.

What happens when on the day of the wedding the bride chooses to let it fall to pieces? What happens when the wedding which is heavily under the surveillance of the entire country threatens to turn into the biggest disaster witnessed by either families?

No one is prepared for the humiliation and no one is willing to endure it, not when there's so much at stake. Both high profile families come up with a plan that would not only deceive the world but could possibly wreck two young lives.

Arianna is the ideal daughter, the apple of her parents' eyes. She has always considered her father to be her biggest hero, her idol. She would give her life for him and when he begs her to take the place of her sister at the altar she makes the biggest sacrifice she can,eventually agreeing to marry the man she'd always considered her brother-in-law. Arianna leaves behind her a life which she considered perfect and a love she expected to last a lifetime, her boyfriend Noah.

Zach Price has a secret, he never truly loved Olivia but had prepared for a life with her for his father's sake. He had made a resolution to not open his heart to any girl, especially after past experiences. When he is finally beginning to fall for her charm, Olivia leaves him, looking like a fool on the day of their wedding. One blow he can stand but to be asked to marry Olivia's eighteen year kid sister Arianna? The girl always just  seemed to fade into the background whenever she was around her sister, there was absolutely nothing about her which could ever make him consider her as his wife.  Zach could not have picked a worst nightmare for himself to live in.

This is the story of Arianna and Zach and how their lives were changed forever due to the reckless actions of a person they both loved. Can Arianna ever see Zach as anything other than the man her sister was supposed to marry? Can Zach every again allow himself to feel love and more importantly, will he ever give Arianna a place in his heart, the one place she can rightfully claim as hers and hers alone.

Will Arianna ever mean something more to Zach than a second option? Read to find out.

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