Chapter 29: A Game

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Deigil cleaned up the blood that splattered the floor, Eredhelil was still in a ball, not moving. What was wrong with her? She saved him, but with light magic. She was curious where the princess learned it from, who in particular. She walked over to the girl and sat down next to her, still clutching the blood soaked cloth. This reminded her of before, when they were reunited, what happened then was nothing compared to what was happening now. She was shaking, the girl in front of her, was shaking. Deigil couldn't tell if it was just a silly teasing game to get her to come closer, or actually something serious. She assumed it was something serious, because there was no joking expression on Ered's face. Deigil went over to the girl and wrapped her arms around her, not caring if she soiled the nicely made dress she was wearing. She took the princess in her arms, and cradled her, rocking her back and forth like a child. And humming a song. 

"Shhh... Don't cry, please, you're the strong one remember. You're the one who always used to protect me. Ered, whats wrong?" Deigil asked, but she didn't answer. She kept rocking the girl, humming a ancient song both of them knew. She started to shake less, but still was coughing and bleeding rom the mark on her back. What was that thing? Why was this happening? Deigil continued to hum, hum away at a song that was dear to both of them. "Do you remember this song? Remember what we had picked it out for?" 

"Yes." The girl coughed out the answer, still frozen, she didn't move, and it worried her. 

"The song called Amica Mea, translated to My Love." The room was silent except for her humming of her voice, and soon Eredhelil started humming too. It was a sweet, generous song, made for those who love each other. It was a song they thought of for more than twenty years. Something that even as kids both of them loved. The princess stopped shaking completely this time, and continued to hum, hum the song. 

"Yes, Amica Mea. It was the song we picked out for our wedding wasn't it." A wedding that almost happened, but didn't. They'd planned to run, far away, maybe even cross the sea and go to the capital. They would live on the run, but they would've been free from her mother, and Ered's too. Neither of them wanted to rule, although the alliance was that her brother was to be married off to Ered, and she would be stuck to the throne. To the throne of a kingdom built on blood and bones. "I'm not afraid, not any more. Deigil I want to give the Ostwyn people a queen they deserve, instead of the one who rules now. When the time comes, for me to stand up for myself, against my mom. Will you be there for me?" Ered glanced up at her, looking at her and smiling with her eyes, because she was sure it hurt far to much to do otherwise. 

"Of course, I would never leave you Ered. I love you, and I would never question those feelings," she replied and was shocked when the girl she hugged, kissed her. Their energies mixed and she felt a wave of calmness wash over her. Her lips were soft, Deigil didn't realize just how much she missed Eredhelil's touch. She remembered every kiss, and every time they shared a bed. Every hug, every night of unbridled passion that they shared. It all was coming back to her, just from one kiss. "We need to get you cleaned up."

"Wait why?" Ered pulled closer to her, apparently feeling much better now, she stopped coughing up blood, that was s good sign. Deigil smiled and kissed her forehead. 

"Well, if you really are going to stand up to your mom, you might want to look a little bit less bloody."


Meathil stomped around the palace halls. Eglanor was alive, and Eredhelil was not the same person everyone though she was. That still didn't explain why Deigil was so close to her, but that could be explained another time. Her bracket followed her, and Rivornor was at her side in line. The queen would either be in her personal courters or sitting on the throne in the main hall. She sent Hatolel to the main hall to check if the queen was there, if she was, Meathil hoped that the queen would not notice so Hatolel would have the chance to come back. They walked down the halls and no one was around. The palace seemed extraemly lonely, she felt bad for the princess who had to live alone in this place with just her wicked mother and some guards. What was this queens problem? What exactly was she trying to achieve by torturing her people. Meathil remembered what the people looked like as they walked through the towns, they looked starved, and lonesome. There were no children playing like in the Capital, there were no laughter or music coming from a golden hall. There were no golden halls as far as she could tell. There were only concrete walls, and ice covered roofs, only the rich had beautiful wooden houses. The palace they could see form a mile away, making the houses in the town look like little pieces of dirt. There were lords and ladies, but only a few. This kingdom was corrupt, much more corrupt than she wished was real. The race was allowed in other kingdoms but, it wouldn't be like home, she knew that. Someone was shaking her, she felt the hand on her shoulder. Meahtil turned around to see Othes.

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