What's going on?

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I put a comment in the comment section:
"Thank you guys so much for the lovely comments! (Except for the haterz get losssttt lol jks) should i start a YouTube channel of my own? If you want me to give me suggestions for my channel name!"

I'm kind of nervous now, what if they secretly hate me? Ugh I'm being ridiculous. I get up and walk into the kitchen where I search the freezer until I come across some chocolate ice cream. This'll do, I say whilst adding on a shed load of toppings.

"Hey jack!" I plonk myself down on the sofa and grab the remote off of him. He retaliates by pouting and pinning me down to get the remote off me. I know he's only playing but it reminds me of when madame would pin me down and torture me.... I start crying at these memories and I can't seem to stop. My breath is being taken away from me and my visions gone blurry. I can hear jack telling me things but I'm not listening. I begin to shake all over and that's when Jack pulls me into hug and rocks me until I calm down. "I'm sorry" I say once my breathing is regular again. "You shouldn't be the one apologising" he tells me softly.

I decide that it's best for me to go to bed now so I say goodnight to Jack and get ready. I crawl into the sheets and manage to fall into a deep sleep only to be woken up my madame.
I thought I was at Jack's?
What's going on?
I try to scramble out of the sheets but it's no use. I'm stuck. I can't move. I start crying because she bursts into my room and stands over me. What's she holding? Oh. Oh no. It's a pair of scissors. My eyes widen as she plunges the scissors into my thigh and drags it down my leg slowly. This is not how I want to die. But I don't have a choice. The pain is overwhelming so I scream as loud as I can and screw my eyes shut.

I start shaking and open my eyes to see Jack trying to shake me awake. Once he sees I'm awake and somewhat fine he gives me a hug and asks if I'm okay and starts telling me it was just a nightmare. Even so, my leg is hurting me so I check it but there's not a scratch in sight. My tears, however, are real so I assure jack that I will be fine and usher him out of my room to get ready.

I check my phone and see thousands of notifications, most replying to my comment.
I check the replies and see that about 98% are positive.
I look for channel names and come across:
Piper's world
Piper no swiping
Jack's daughter

I'll go with pipers world. I change my channel name and plan out some video ideas before getting ready.

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