Chapter Fifteen: Percy

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*Flashback is still going on so we can see Percy's POV of what just happened // some Ashton crap*

Ashton's head was laying in my neck; it didn't take me long to realize that she was crying.

"Ashton, what's wrong?" I asked, pulling her head up. She wiped her eyes, trying to free them from the tears.

"I-It's just... I've had a bad history with Hypnos and his children. It's nothing, really." She said, blushing and turning her head away. She was still sitting in my lap.

"You're crying, so it must be something." I said, placing a hand in between her shoulder blades. She stiffened at my touch, but slowly relaxed. Ashton took in a deep breath, and began talking.

"When I was about 12, I had a-a..." Her voice already began to trail off, implying that she was nervous and scared. I stayed silent so she could continue.

"When I was twelve, I met a boy, a demigod, like us. He was a son of Hypnos, just like Jenna is. Me and him, we got along really well together, so much that we became... well... A couple. But, one day, he just dissapeared and I haven't seen him since. He was one of my best friends when I was alone, and there when I needed him. " Ashton explained somberly. She looked at me and I noted that there were still traces of tears in her dark eyes. But, my own wandered over to Jason and the sleeping...

Jenna!? I thought. She was on top of Jason, and her eyes were an unnatural orange shade. She was whispering in Jason's ear. I stood up immediately and raced over behind Jason to throw Jenna off of him, but something stopped me. I didn't know what but I went back to Ashton. I backed away and let him have his space with Jenna.

Ashton looked over with a confused visage.

"What is she...?"

"Don't worry about them." I snapped at her coldly. I didn't realize the tone of my voice until I looked back at her, and she was standing on the edge of the Hollywood sign.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I asked , tilting my head to look up at the dark figure. Ashton shot down a smirk at me and extended a hand for me to climb up with. I grabbed it and climbed.

Ashton' hand was pale and soft, which surprised me because Jason and I found her in the woods. There were even traces of crisp white nail polish on her nails.

"What're you starin at?" Ashton asked after I had reached the top. I shook my head and replied with "Nothing" speedily.

"Percy, have you ever seen something so beautiful..." Ashton muttered, glancing from me to the pastel sunrise before us. The whole city of Hollywood could be seen from here, one elegant building or house to the next.

"No." I said giving out a small chuckle.

"Guess I haven't. The only thing I've seen as lovely as this is the ocean at a sunset. I remember all the times at Camp Half Blood when I would just sit, and watch the sunset over the lake." Ashton stayed silent, giving me a confused look.

"What's Camp Half Blood?" She asked innocently. My head snapped over; I forgot that she was a runaway.

"Well," I began, smiling. "Camp Half Blood is this really cool place where us demigods go to get protection from the monsters out there, and where we learn to fight them." I finished. Ashton's dark eyes lit up with a new kind of glow that looked like it could almost be excitement.

"Really?! W-Would be place for me there? I mean, I've never really had a solid home." Ashton said, attempting to looking away. Before she could, though, I let my eyes catch hers, and I smiled.

"We have a place for everyone at camp, Ashton. You would be more than welcomed at Camp Half Blood, even with your parentage. Besides, we could use a fighter like you." I said, giving her a warm grin.

Ashton's face absolutely glowed. Her fists clenched with excitement and her light pink lips spread into a smile. A small blush creeped over her cheeks.

"T-that's great!" she said, looking back across the view. Ashton let out a happy sigh. I stood next to her and gently looped her fingers loosely with mine. Ashton didn't pull her hand away. Like a bullet had hit me, this warm feeling began to spread through my chest, making my heart beat at a rapid pace.

The way Ashton's dark eyes lit up when I told her she would finally have a home, a sanctuary, where she would be loved, and safe... It made me appreciate the relationships and things I have now.

But there was something else, something different. When her lips turned from an almost permanent scowl to a warm and real smile, there was this thing, this emotion, that I couldn't quite grasp onto. Just thinking about it drove me to near insanity.

Suddenly, I found myself leaning over to kiss Ashton's soft, pale cheek. The skin on her cheek grew very hot under my lips, and I pulled away. Ashton looked at me with a scared, concerned, and confused look.

"Percy...? Why...?" Ashton seemed lost for words.

"I-I'm sorry..." I muttered.

That's when Jason looked over.

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