Yugyeom - Let's dance

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I swing my hips and follow steps I made on my mind as I follow the beat. I repeat it couple of times to remember each step then finally took a video to see how the steps look all together and notice some steps to improve. I finally have a new piece I can teach by next week.

"That was a good class." A random voice appear from my back. 

"Oh, Thank you. And you are?" I asked fixing myself, I look so messed up. I just finished teaching a class, that I think he was in. 

"Yugyeom. I'm new here" He reach out his hands and bow at me, I bowed back. 

"Elle. That's why you're familiar. Did you have fun on my class?" I replied at him and asking him too, I ten to be super curious to what people think about me and my dance classes

"Yes, so much. But I seem to have little problems" He said, scratching his head being shy. 

"Okay. Let me refresh the steps. Let's warm up just a little bit to get the vibe." I shake him off, of his nervousness and go to the music system in the corner of the room. 

"Okay" He cheered. 

I play so hyped music and do some steps to warm up. Yugyeom danced so good and I'm having trouble figuring out why he's having trouble. We continued to refreshing the steps of the routine.

Actually I'm getting turned on because he's so good at dancing to the song and all the hip thrust and body rolls he sneakily add in.

We finished and have a little rest. The music changed into body on me by Rita ora. It was the next I added to the playlist last night. I'm planning make a dance for this song.

"I like this song. I have a dance for this song." He smirked before looking to me.

"Really, show me." I bit my lips to and look back at him.

He started dancing smoothly and I'm here being mesmerized. I'm really getting turned on. He just give goodness and he's being so into it so much.

As the beats drops to chorus he run behind me and hold my hips. I danced with him and follow him.

"I just want to put your body on me" The song ends. He spun me around, face to him and grab me by my waist close to him. His hot breath pushing my hair away from my shoulder that feels like he's whispering me nice words to my ears. I smile at him and just look up to his eyes as I feel a connection. He smiled back.

I tiptoe and kiss him on the lips. I've never felt so confident before, kissing a total stranger, but a handsome stranger. And I'm not regretting it, I loved it and I'm proud I push myself for a kiss. Right now, it's all that I need.

We stayed on our pose as he started kissing back! I felt a train of electricity entered my body, as our lips move in sync, we pause and he grabbed my ass and carry me to the wall and pin both my arms to the wall to make more in control. I let him be, he dug his head onto my neck and started kissing and nibbling on in. I moan in pleasure, I want him to to continue.

"Come on babe, don't be afraid to say my name." His kind-of-high-pitched voice was gone and now I am getting so turned on and more and more aroused 

"Yugyeom! Ahh~" I squealed happily as I moan over and over his name as he was biting and sucking all over my neck. 

"Baby I know you want more" He asked looking fiercely into my eyes, smirking with his lips. 

"Uhh-hu" I bit my lips and sounded like dirty slut as I wrap my legs withing his waist and He threw me slightly to adjust me sling onto him. He brought me to the showers and we entered a cubicle and open the water. 

His hands traveled inside my tight leggings and go in down my pussy and started stroking it  like a cat, a soaking wet cat. I was shocked and jolted in surprise as I meow and moan like dirty little cat and I'm soaking soaking wet. I dug my nails onto his back not knowing what to do , jumping everywhere every time his finger goes up and down. I moan and moan and moan, doing everything, biting my lips, slipping and doing more.  

I unbutton his also wet pants and looked up at him, I can see him smiling thru water falling from above us. He remove his shirt too and helped me with my leggings and my shirt. Both of us are on our underwear. I wore all black underwear, and he wear a pair of grey boxers.

I examine his body for a good second and he's gorgeous, abs, arms, chest and his shoulders are broad and wide. 

I sneak my fingers in and play my finger around his thick dick. He paused and smiled at me, liking what I'm doing. He unclasped my bra, then he started sucking on it. 

"My turn again babe" His face was so close to me, his eyes is piercing thru mine, his leg parting both of mine, his arms was on my waist, and his voice is making me scream from the inside. 

He stripped my wet panties down and pinned me to the wall again making me again helpless, wet, and now, fully naked. I love it. I like the feeling of the one following the orders and not the one being in charge. 

My body is fully exposed for him to see everything and the water from the shower flow on my body as my arms are pinned above my head and my legs far apart. 

Just couple of second just passed and he made me moan so loud when he put his dick inside of me, it's so long and thick. We grinned together in my sync like we were dancing. And in every step and position we did felt amazing, ecstasy. He hit the right spot every time, and every time I feel pleasured yet so helpless, it felt like he was in charged of me and my body.  

I moan again and moan again, this time much louder. My knees started to weaken as we go to much faster pace and faster and faster. He held my hands as he pinned it to the wall and never let it go.  

"Yeom, Yeom, I'm coming, I'm coming!" I scream and fell on him. 

"You're so tight, you feel so good Elle." He hum as we both reached climax together, and the feeling of warmth surround both of us even though the cold water fall on our body.

We showered together still can't keep touching each other and making out. We changed our clothes and clean up. 

"This is the best class I've ever had" He smiled at me while pick up his things in the corner and I also get mine. 

"Me  too, you dance very nice." I look at him and replied. "And sexy," I added biting my lips. 

"Let me be the one to teach you" He shifted his glance to his bag and back to me then wink. 

"Sure, teacher? Coach?" I whisper to him, scooping closer. "Master" I wink at him back and he laughed. I grab my back and my water bottle, combing my hair with my fingers walking out the studio. 

"Do you have a ride?" He ran after me, I face to the side then look up to him standing right beside me grabbing both sling of his backpack.      

"No," I answered. He quickly grab my waist and carry me to his back. 

"Where are we going?" I asked. He smiled. 

"I'm giving you a ride" He answered. 

"To my house?" I asked then I regret asking after he smiled and laughed then answering "No," He wink again and a smirk is painted on his face. 

"We're going to my house. For a second dance class with my new favorite teacher." 

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