My Mum's a Vampire, My Dad's a werewolf, so that makes me a...what?

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Hi my name is Honey Dixon and my life used to be normal that was up until I caught my mother doing something with my boyfriend that was totally and completely gross. And now I'm a boarder I have no friends here, all the teachers hate me and my own family won't talk to me. At my old school in new York I was the most popular most wanted most loved girl in the school ( even if I was a bit of a rebel)I was the captain of the cheer squad, and I aced everything . And now I am here in the middle of nowhere, here I have the worst possible reputation no friends and I am not even sure if I have family anymore and to top it all off I have to write a diary on everything that has happened because the school councillor thinks it will help me but am I going to do it hell no I only have to do it because I refuse to talk to her and when I do I am only telling her to fuck off and that I don't have a problem but she doesn't listen to me and the only reason that I am here is because of my family who keeping in mind refuses to talk to me and the only person who still does is my little brother Freddie but that is all because I make him by going into his room late at night.

By now I am gusseting that if you are still reading this you might be curious as to why I am here. Well you see it is really my mother's fault. If I hadn't answered the phone and she hadn't bitten and drinking my boyfriends blood if she wasn't a vampire then it would all be good but no she just had to be a god damn vampire didn't she. And this is only the begging of my holidays a long time before I got transferred and put into see the school councillor. Lucky thing they have a doctor at this school I think they might need it.

Chapter one: how about I run away what a perfect idea

It was the begging of spring and I had loads of plans I had to go to cheer squad trials, go to my dads, and hang out with my best friends (Courtney, Kyla, Toni and Tess) and I also had to hang out with my boyfriend mike and that is what I was doing today we were curled up on the coach watching a movie when the phone rang I didn't want to answer it. I was so comfy in the arms of my boyfriend mike and I really didn't want to get up. It was probably my dad and I wanted to ask him if mike could come with me when I went to New Jersey to spend time with my dad and little had a big property out there it crossed with my aunt nessies who had died about a year ago. When I used to go to her house she would work on cars and I would help she should me how to take the engine out and clean it she should me how to steal a car and all that. "Hey Honey you do realise that your phone is ringing right" mike asked me. Mike was tall about 6'1, had blue eyes and light brown hair. I reached up and planted a kiss right on his lips, "it can go to the answering machine cause I aint getting up" I said seductively the phone went to answering machine 'honey if you are home can you please pick up the phone' my dad's voice rang out through the room I shot up and ran to pick up the phone

"Hay dad whats up?" I asked him

"Why didn't you answer the phone it rang out for ages your mother said you would be home?"

"Yeah sorry dad I was sleeping ...

"Hay I was wondering if mike could come up to the ranch with me please"

"Yeah of course I will pick you up from the cheer comp okay"

"Perfect thanks dad you're the best "

"Gotta go I think I just heard mum come bye"

"Okay bye see you soon"

I loved talking to my dad he took me away from reality and I am known for drifting off into my own world. I hung the phone back on the hook and walked out into the living room I heard a kinda sucking noise and slowed down walking slowly through the hall to the living room I am really sneaky and kinda like a ghost. I walked into the living room without making a sound. I looked over to the coach to see my mother sitting next to mike with her mouth wrapped around his neck I freaked out. My mum's eyes were red and mikes had rolled back in his head he had a look of pleasure on his face and so did my mum. I walked around so that I was standing right in front of them

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