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Love Letter #1

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Mister, YOU

Mr. soon to be doctor Weldon

Aren't you just a charm

Ready for the worst, but not on a definite

Quest for it

Used to sucess yet, has

Endured failure at least once before.

Zapp, you found a key to a lock.

Not just any lock but,

One that only I can help you find.

My heart is what you have the key to,but

Instead of using it, you just push it away.

Damn it, why

Do you keep doing that?

Little do you knowwhen it comes to my feelings about you,

Even when you feel a spark, you pretend as if you didn't.

Never Will you ever drop that key

As my heart will always have you in it.

My guess is, you'll be there still even when it's stolen away from me,

Every one has it stolen at one point in time.

When will you unlock mine, so that it doesn't have to

Endure that love and pain of being stolen.

Let me know, hopefully it's soon

Don't let me get lost while

On this journey called Waiting, starting

Now until the day that it's meant to be...

                                                                                        Did I mention that I Love You!!

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