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Pen Your Pride


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I want harry to spank me, and you do too. enjoy xx

"You know, I am so happy we finally get to meet you dear. Harry has been keeping you a secret for half the year now." 

Anne laughed along with her husband while Harry and I both laughed. I held his hand underneath the table as we ate. It was not necessary, but I always enjoyed a simple touch from his hands. So warm and soft for a man. It was a great feeling. 

We continued to eat and chat and throughout the time I would gaze at Harry in complete infatuation. When he spoke, I swear even the ants outside may have stopped to listen. I may be exaggerating a tad, but his tone right now was so respectful and beautiful. He was cheeky towards Anne at times and she had a smile as beautiful as his. As everyone talked I felt as if I were at a movie.

Like I was watching a perfect family have dinner. 

I was included in conversation at times, but soon felt bored. I guess you could say I was jealous because of the lack of attention I was receiving. 

I dazed off and soon found my fingers detached from Harry’s and playing with the edges of his jean pocket. I ran my index finger across the material a few times and saw a slight smirk on his face followed by a low giggle. I smiled as well and for a moment tuned into the conversation.

"But remember me and Gemma are having us a little ladies day so…"

I brought my attention back to Harry’s jeans. I looked down at my fingers and tapped them on his  thigh for a few seconds. I imitated a person walking with my fingers and pretended Harry’s crotch was a bridge; making the small person walk across. I laughed lowly at my immaturity.

"Babe, what are you doing?" Harry said lowly still smiling and gazing at his mum.

Here I was basically touching his crotch and he still gave me fifteen percent of his attention. How awful am I to be jealous of his mum. I grinned as I flattened my hand onto his jeans and pressed lightly to the bulge in his jeans. The smile he had towards his parents slightly faded and an evil laugh was threatening to escape my lips.

I bit my lip as I suppressed the urge to laugh. 

I pressed more firmly and saw the bob of his adam’s apple. He straightened his posture and plastered an award winning smile onto his face while speaking to me lowly. 

"What the fuck are you doing?" He says in a nervous tone.

I rub my hand feeling him grow hard beneath my palm.

"Bingo." I answer and I see the hidden anger on his face. No one else noticed it except for me and the satisfaction that I was now his main focus crept across my lips in a devious grin.


The car ride home was nothing of what I expected. For one it quiet. I had expected at least a laugh or two, but nothing. He kept one of his hands tightly on the steering wheel while the other was covering the lower half of his face.

I pretended not to notice he was angry with me for a bit. But he looked upset, and I hated that angry look on his face. At least right now. 

"Are you just not gonna speak to me now." I say turning my body slightly as I pouted my lips. His eyes remained on the road intensely and I narrowed my eyebrows.

Well I guess anyone would be angry if they had to excuse their self from dinner with their mum and dad to go and get off in the bathroom. I guess I should have stopped when he asked me. I can assume how uncomfortable a hard on can get if not tended to. But it was just so damn fun. Harry knows I like to get him upset, because we’d have some hot sex soon after. Now I feared my plan had back fired and he would ignore me all night.

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