Hi and Welcome!

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Hello! this is as said, a smut book, where all my dark and light sexual fantasies for Got7 came to life? No, just words. Came to words. Sorry. Haha. So first I want to welcome you and give you a warm hug and a cup of also warm, hot choco that me and Mark prepared for you. Second, me and junior want to warn you about the either light or mature contents of this book. Third, Yugyeom will accompany me in confessing this is my first time doing this kind of writing. *sobs* So surri in advance!

//Let yugyeom dance for you for a while...//

Then Me and Youngjae will tell you that we are not good in ENGRISH and that we are still improving so prease understand or message me the things I can fix, break irt down, wassup! I rove you! Fifth, DAB by Bambam. #STOPBAMBAM2K16. Sixth, I am open for requests so please don't hesitate and message me your requests or just someone to talk to and to cuddle on.

//Now let Jackson smile at you and cuddle you//

Seven, enjoy the book with Jaebum beside you.Please give love and support to this book and GOT7, Always Vote and comment! kamsahamnida <3

Eight, RAFF RAFF! ~ I love you by coco, MOEW MOEW! ~NADO SARANGHAE by Nora.

Is this too corny? I'm so sorry, again!

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