The Bet

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Aphmau was at her boyfriends Aaron's today. Celeste her adorable dog was rolling around outside chasing a bird she had found sitting in a tree, Aphmau laughed as she notice her outside "Celeste" she said happily. Aaron smiled but didn't speak a word. Aphmau looked up at Aaron and said

"Aaron are you okay?"

he replied quickly "i'm fine Aphmau just admiring your cuteness from afar"

Aphmau blushed bright red and laughed she pulled him back inside where she grabbed the remote for the TV before Aaron had a chance, and put on school girl super fantasy candy fairy princesses (a new anime she had discovered) Aaron sighed and laughed a little. Everything was perfect between them.


In the Guys house Dante was listening to the radio he was trying to win a trip for him and Nicole that would take them to the Hawaii.

"and now for our competition first person to call in wins a trip to Hawaii!" The speakers roared.

Dante grabbed for the phone mumbling something under his breath about why he had to win! He quickly diled the number and waited... and waited...

Travis POV

I heard Dante upstairs he's been looking for romantic treats for him and Nicole I don't understand why they cant just be officially going out already. But I didn't have time to think about that I was too busy thinking about Katelyn's beautiful bu..eyes! eyes! Katelyns beautiful eyes. I really did like Katelyn she had the booty and the brains I just wish I could find some way for her to give me a chance. Suddenly I heard a scream from upstairs

"YES! YES! I WON I WON!!" Dante yelled.

At least I think it was Dante I sounded just like a girl though. I counted in my head 3.. 2... 1 and Dante ran downstairs

"II got it" he said a little calmer

"wait got what?" I asked confused

"i won a romantic holiday for me and Nicole!" he said. He seemed really excited

"she wont want to do that.." I said carefully i had to choose my words right to play him.

"oh she will trust me Travis I know Nicole" he said smugly.

"uhu Dante that holidays for four people and only has two rooms how would Nicole feel about sharing a room with you" I knew I had him now I only wish what I was about to say wasn't out of my demon warlocks play book..

"your right... maybe if just us went we could have separate rooms."

"then you'll seem like you wanna stay away from her"

"Well what should I do!"

"well... you could give me the tickets and then-" i was cut off

"Travis! your just trying to steal this holiday from me!" He looked upset but i knew his weak spot.. Kawaii-chan he had always had a bit of a weak spot for her.

"Dante ill make you a bet if I win I get your tickets and if you win ill help you figure out this problem" I said carefully

"hmm why I have them now I have no reason to give them to you travis!"

"yes but if you win you also show Nicole you only have feelings for her you know she's jealous of yours and kawaii-chans.. hmm friendship?" I do hate my demon warlock side but it was the only way to get Katelyn so I used a page from it.

"argh! Fine! what's the bet" he looked upset he did remind me of gene sometimes.

"Tell kawaii-chan you love Nicole" I said smugly there was no way he would do that i have known him since high school I know he cant.

"Travis! I c..c..cant do that!" he said anxiously

"Too bad looks like I win" I held my hand out.

"NO! fine I..I..ill do it."

Hi readers I just wanted to say this is a travelyn zanemau cross over but to create zanemau i have to do this first they are the main characters promise just wait!!

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