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" What do you mean there is no sword?" I asked alarmed.

" I checked where we kept the sword but it's not there now!" Leo said.

" Then someone from your cabin only took the sword considering only your brothers and sisters can be there." Annabeth deducted.

" You want to say my children are Traitors , Athena spawn! " Hephaestus asked.

" No not exactly, I am just saying they would have kept anywhere else." Annabeth defended herself.

" Then where is the sword?" Zeus boomed.

" I guess we are already in war." Hazel guessed.

" So where shall we go for sword? I mean we are said clearly to defend the sword." Frank said.

" We don't have a clue of who is the villain? " Calypso said.

" Prophecy is also not clear and not mentioning any kind of powerful being or suggest Any name." I said.

" What can be so powerful that even fate don't  dare to interrupt?" Annabeth asked.

" Only three beings if you ask me, Void, Order and Chaos." Athena said.

" So we already know Chaos is on our side what about other two?" He asked.

" Void is already gone, so only Order is left but we didn't hear much of him from past few century. Must be faded." Athena said.

" So who can be strong enough to steal the sword from bunker 9, it has to be someone who is very strong or who can enter that room without Leo?" Annabeth deduced.

" Who?" Reus asked.

" Me" said the last person whom I expected to say this.

Guess who is the person?

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