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Pen Your Pride

The Hospital and Good News (7)

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Why did I ask that? I love her so much, I need her. I knocked on her door again, no answer. "Baby your right, I don't have to choose to know I'm in love with you." I said. No response. I opened the door and heard her singing in the shower. I hid in the closet and listened to her sing for a while.

She came out in a towel. It made me want her so bad. She took off her towel and put in a bra, underwear, and pink shorts. "Chloe I'm so sorry." I said stepping out of the closet. "Austin! get out!" she said covered her chest. "No not until you take me back." I said. She just stared at me like I was crazy. "Why do you want me back? Im disgusting." she said looking into her standing mirror. "No, your the opposite." I said standing in the mirror next to her. She laughed and put her crop top on. I looked at her with the weirdest face.

"What?" she asked. "Why don't you think your beautiful? You are the most beautiful girl in the world and any guy that can't see that is blind." I said holding he hand. She looked shocked. I felt her lips crash onto mine. I picked her up and put her on the bed. We made out for about 25 minutes until there was a knock on the door. "oh I'm hanging out with Jake and his friends today." she said getting up and heading for the door. "Chloe! What about us?" I asked. She smiled. "I'll think about it Mahone." she said as I walked out the front door. "love you." I said. "love you too Aussie." she said shutting the door.

Yes! She loves me!

2 days later



There's a rumor going around that Im dating Robert and I'm not. Im sitting on my bed and texting Alex he said him and Austin are coming over with Sarah. I got dressed and waited for them. A knock on the door and I opened it. I opened the door to a crying Sarah. "Sarah?" I asked hugging her. "Chloe you need to hide! Austin's mad at his gonna hurt you if you don't leave." she said. "What why!" I asked. She was gonna answer but we heard a door slam. I walked out of my room and on the stair case. I saw Alex trying to make Austin calm down. Austin looked up at me and shoved Alex out of the way. I ran into Jake's room and locked the door. He started pounding on it. Soon he busted down the door.

He ran up to me and slapped me. "Ouch!" I said hold my cheek. "What the hell! You said you loved me." he yelled and knocked over a shelf. "Austin! Calm down!" Alex yelled. "She broke my heart by dating Robert." he yelled back. "Im not dating Robert!" I yelled. "Shut the fuck up bitch." He said and kicked me in the stomach. "Austin!" Alex said. "Austin baby I love you." I said. "Bitch!" he yelled and kicked my head. After that I blacked out.



"Austin stop!" I yelled. "Bitch!" he yelled and kicked her in the head. "Austin!" I yelled and ran over to her. I was crying. I stood up and punched Austin in the face. "Thats what you get for almost killing her!" I yelled as he held his face. "What? It did that?" Austin said standing up." "Yeah let's get her to the hospital." I said.



I can't believe I did that over a rumor. We took her to the hospital and we waited in the lobby. I just cried the whole time. "Austin, man calm down." Alex said. "How can I? Alex, shes been in the hospital 4 times already and this time it's my fault. I love her so much and it breaks me to see her cry, hurt, and now that I did that to her I don't think I could live with myself." I said crying harder. "Austin, she loves you and she will never stop." Alex said rubbing my back.

"Um, party for Winters?" the nurse said. "Here." Alex said raising his hand. "Oh, um Ms. Winters has a pretty bad concussion and she is sleeping right now, so if you want to see her." She said. "May I?" I said standing up. She nodded and I followed her. "Here you go, push that red button if anything bad happens." She said shutting the door. I smiled and looked at Chloe. I rolled a chair over next to her and sat there and played with her fingers until I could actually talk to her.

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