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[ Yo, if any of u have imsg hmu with ur numbers and i'll make a gc]

hey guys, so I am fully aware many others have written stories like the one I am today but I have decided to do this because I am addicted to social networking fanfics, I hope you are too

all ideas I come up with throughout the book (besides the initial one) are mine, any other books that are alike or contain similar content are of pure coincidence, I refuse to steal any one work as I know how much effort and creativity is put into these.

updates on this book may be slow (ish) because I have two other ongoing books "Foster" & "Couple Of Kids" (check them out BAHAH) but I promise I am committed to this book, and I am beyond excited to start one.

also, if anyone could design a cover for me for this book I would be soooo thankful.

other than that, I have nothing more to say. so furthermore; enjoy the story guys, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do xo

- yaz

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