Mark - Kitchen jealousy

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It's been a so many weeks and months, and I missed Mark so much. He's been busy for their comeback that we almost talked once week. I understand him but I missed him so fucking much. I head down to my bath room and took a short shower, their manager messaged me that they will sleep in the dorm tonight, and have a short rest by morning. I need to go there and see him!

I wore a slightly fit yet still warm and comfortable clothes I have, I put on make up and make myself look good for Mark and his boys to not be insecure and boost a little of my confidence. I bought cake for him and go to a grocery store to buy ingredients, I want to cook him something delicious.

I head to their dorm, with the permission of their manager, and ready the things I need to do.

Moments later I heard the door open and chattering sound. I was not yet done cooking. Mark and all of the boys head to the kitchen and saw me, cooking. They all greeted me one by one. Jinyoung stayed and helped like he always do, so Mark stayed to watching over us vigilantly. Jinyoung and I are very good friends but Jinyoung only sees me as a little sister and that's better.

When we were finished, I served the boys food and they ate it deliciously. When they were finished they head to do their own business, I volunteer and insisted to do the dishes since they're so tired from practice.

"You and Jinyoung were very close before" Mark whispered scooting closer to me, as I cut strawberries for both of us to eat.

"Really?," I stopped cutting the strawberries and grab a piece and put it in to his mouth to shut him up, he was shocked and stayed there with a strawberry on his lips. "How about this?" I took a step forward, tip toed, also taking a bite of the strawberry making our lips meet and peck.

He bit his lips, " No" He answer holding back a smile, he's so jealous all of the time.

"Come on, Mark. Why are you so stubborn?" I whispered seductively making him bite his lips again.

"What do you want me to do then? Let it slide?" He clicked and yelled all of a sudden fighting the urge.

"Maybe," I answered calmly, setting aside the knives to the other counter. Then I sat in the island counter and started eating the strawberries

He smiled grabbing one strawberry and eating one again before pushing all the things to the floor, from the counter besides me.

He comes in front of me, grabbing me roughly by my waist making me open my legs. "You asked for it" his voice was husky and low.

He grabbed me much closer and started kissing me and I kissed back, we were making out.

His hands traveled into my dress squeezed my right boob, my hands was all over his hair messing it all up.

We continue playing with our tounge, his hands started flicking my clit, I lunge into him trying not to moan.

Later on he inserted his finger, two fingers going in and out so fast. I held his neck and rest my head on it. Three, and I started biting my lips so hard. Slower, faster, slow,fast. Four, and soft moans escape my lips, slower, slow, then it fasten and fasten going in and out.

Then he remove his fingers, leaving me a little bit breathless and a lot more desperate for him being inside me.

He then again going back to flicking my clit going in different directions.

As I was getting relaxed, I felt a hard dick pushed inside of me that sent me further back. And I fall back to being beaten to death by his hard and thick dick that hit the g-spot right away, I went crazy.

His hands travel behind my back and grabbed my ass giving it a nice spank, I cling onto him as he squeeze my ass and carried me to the side counters.

I hold onto the walls and cabinets above grasping by the handles to keep me intact and spreading my legs wide open wanting him more to enter and pleasure me.

"Don't come yet baby girl, I'll let you when you if I say so" I froze on the spot, "Please let me cum" I plead along with my soft moans.

"You're moans say you're not yet ready baby girl" even though I badly want to cum, his husky voice controls me over making me nothing but obey him. "I want to make you shout baby girl" He whispered making his dick thrust faster and deeper.

His left hand squeezed my boobs and his right began to messaging again my clit, I started shouting and my nails dug into the wooden cabinets being touched in different area all at once.

"Ugh, yeah, ahhh!" I moaned, "yes!!" Tugging onto his blonde hair.

I fight the urge and control myself to follow him. "Good girl" He commented as he go faster and faster and me being closer and closer into being a hot, hot mess.

"Let's both come together" He instructed pinning me with both of his hands and his pace going much faster.

"Ahh please please please" I moan being helpless, like a desperate little kitty cat wanting to come. His dick is so good, thick and so pleasurable inside of me making my moans Mich louder and louder.

"Here we go" I release myself into a huge orgasm leaving me me so breathless and fucked.

"Did the boys hear? Oh my go--" He cut me off by pushing his finger inside of me making me hump again. "Don't worry babe," his finger goes slow as he kisses my neck up to my ears, "I already took care of them" he whispered, removing his fingers away leaving me at ease and still wanting more.

"Then let's do more daddy" I whispered being the little slut that I am. "Let me be your slut again"

"Good thinking baby" He smirked. He carried me to his room. I remove my skimpy dress revealing my naked body.

"Round two," I lay by the pillows Folding my finger signalling for him to come, "I'll make you win this time"

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