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Chapter One

"Woah, look at him."

"As expected, Ten Chittaphon, looking so damn handsome."

"If he uses his handsomeness for a living, I bet he'd be a billionaire every second."

"Man, I really hate that guy. My girlfriend broke up with me because of him."

"He's too perfect to be true. I can't even believe a man like him ever exists."

I can't help but listen to what my schoolmates were saying.

Ten Chittaphon.

Since when did I became his classmate? 8th grade, I guess? Up until now that we're already in our last year in high school, he still gives everybody the impression of being a "perfect boy".

Well, I couldn't blame these people though. I mean, he's intelligent, kind-hearted, he's good in sports, he can cook, he can play musical instruments, he can sing and dance, he can act, and of course, you can't just ignore his godly face and his angelic smile.

What more can you ask for when he is the definition of most?

"Hey, Winter. Daydreaming about books again?"

I scowled.

Nice, my great bestfriend is here again. Unfortunately, my life never goes quiet when she's around.

"No, Ellie. I was thinking about actually unfriending you for real. As in out of my life."

I was always like this whenever she teases me about being a bookworm. I'm not that intelligent and studious, though. I just have this huge amount of interest in reading books.

"I know you can't do that. You love me more than anything in the world," she proudly said.

I raised the book I was holding and gave her a lopsided smile.

She huffed, "What would you choose, books or me?"


We are under a cherry blossom tree, where I usually spend my days reading books— novels, specifically. This is one of the many places in the university where I could be at peace, only if Ellie here doesn't appear and make noises.

Ten Chittaphon also stays under the cherry blossom tree across mine which is five to six feet away, I think. He brings books when he's there too, but he never reads them. Instead, he falls asleep with his book over his face, especially when it's windy.

I'm not a stalker nor a fan of him. It's just I have gotten used to him...that's all.

"By the way, Winter, have you seen the flowers Johnny gave me yesterday?"

Johnny is Ellie's boyfriend. He is the team captain of the men's basketball team. He's friends with Ten. One nice guy and he really matches my bestfriend well.

"Ah, yes, the one one top of the table I saw last night? It's beautiful."

"Of course it is. Johnny really knows how to make my heart flutter. That's why you too should have a boyfriend."

I snorted. I don't even think that's a valid reason for me to have one. I mean, many things can make my heart go all nuts like dramas, celebrity crushes, and books.

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