7 years

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After 7 years, James and I finally settled. I'm now 30 years old, while James' 31. Got married when we were 26, gave birth to Robert later that year, he's a honeymoon baby. While I gave birth to Alexis two years after. Ngayon, enough muna ang luwal nang 'Reid' babies. 

James, he's still in showbiz, napaka sikat parin. He's still the heartthrob he was back when we were still in our 20's. But, we aren't working together anymore. When I was pregnant, I took a short break in showbiz and focused on motherhood. James' recently being paired with different girls, pero okay lang naman, yun naman ang nagbubuhay nang pamilya namin. 

Right at this moment, I just finished a phone call with Boss Vic, who was offering me a comeback project. Hindi muna ako nag confirm because I want to discuss it with James. 

'Momma bear!' Robert hugged me by the waist while I was blending his favorite fruit shake. 'Hi Big boy!' she kissed his forehead and continued what she was doing. 'Take a seat muna, I'm making your favorite!' Robert nodded and did so. 

'Where's your daddy?' She asked and placed a glass full of mango shake. 

'He's setting up my new bike momma!' he said with glee in his eyes. 

'Bike!?' Being the strict mom, Nadine wants to know everything before James does his own decisions. 'Daddy bought you one? ba't hindi ko alam?' 

Simpleng kibit balikat lang ang sinagot nang kanyang anak sa kanya, kaya she headed in there garage at nadatnan si James na nag a-assemble nang little bike. 

'Mind explaining this to me, mister?' she raised one eyebrow and crossed her arms

'Well, hello to you too, love.' he smiled nervously. 'Mapilit si Robert, eh. C'mon! He's getting older, dapat payagan na natin siya. I want him athletic, hindi ko gustong lampa ang anak ko.' speaking of his baluktot na accent. I rolled my eyes. 

'James naman, pumayag na ako na mag football siya. Ngayon bike nanaman? Without my permission pa ha?' sumasakit ang ulo niya. 'Pano pag maghulog si Robert ha? Masasaktan yun!' 

'Well, that's part of growing up babe!' he continued putting up the wheels. 'I mean, you were a tomboy when you were younger you played boy games, what makes you wanna stop Robert from doing all these? He's a boy for crying out loud!' 

She took a deep breath and agreed. 'Whatever, but you're still spoiling him, I hate when you do that' 

'That's the least I can do, You know I'm always out of town because of my work. Para makabawi naman ako sa kanila.' he smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist. 'Chill out babe, I got this. Okay?' she nodded. Knowing James wala naman siyang kalabanlaban. 

'Mumma!' Alexis screamed out asking for her mom's attention. She's an intelligent daughter, at her young age, alam niya nang magsalita nang slight. Like, 'Mumma' & 'Dada' he also calls her kuya 'Yuya!' it's cute, actually. Manang mana nang kanya mga anak ang mga mata at ilong ni James. Alexis got the shape of her face; Yes, mapanga siya. While Robert, he got his dad's the firm jaw that the Reid's has, kuhang kuha talaga ni Robert. 

'Yes baby?' Nadine shifted her attention to her daughter who was playing with her dolls. 

'Hungwy!' she hissed. 'Fwied chicken!' She's 2 and a half years old. Nadine enrolled her in and international school where they accept babies who are 1 year old and above. They teach kids to speak and do recreational things at their early age. She did the same kay Robert. 

'uh-oh! You had friend chicken yesterday baby, no no na!' she patted her daughter's head. 'How about fish baby?' 

Alexis shook her head disagreeing. She threw her dolls and rolled over the other side of her carpeted play room. 'Hey, what's wrong with my baby girl?' James entered the room na naka pambahay na. 

'Fwied chicken!!!!!!' Alexis crossed her arms. 

James looked at Nadine, gesturing on what to do. Nagkibit balikat nalang si Nadine. 'Tantrums' she mouthed. James nodded and grabbed Alexis with his muscular arms. 'Baby, it's not healthy to eat chicken all the time.' James explained. 

'But dada, i'm hungry' she pouted making Nadine giggle. Nakuha niya talaga ang attitude ni Nadine, palaban and demanding. She's also very, very bossy. 

'I have an idea!' James said making Alexis' eyes lit. 'Daddy will cook your favorite!' 

'Carbonara!?' Robert ran from his room and peaked on Alexis' playroom. James nodded and Alexis clapped her tiny hands. 

'I want dada!' she said. 

'Okay, you stay here with momma, while kuya and I will be cooking your favorite!' He kissed Alexis' forehead and headed down the kitchen with Robert. 

Robert's always James' assistant. He's really James' mini me. His attitude.. well, it's a little bit mixed up with James' and mine. 

I'm thankful to have a family like this, A husband who does everything to support his family, and two amazing kids! She couldn't ask for more. She's truly blessed.

Her decision way back in 2016, Feb 11 to be exact, was the right decision. It led her to amazing things in life. 

Hello! I hoped you liked the first chap! Will write more soon, I'm planning to update daily, but I can't really promise. 

Thank you! comvo

- E 

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