Jaebum - Nice guys finish last

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"Jaeeebummmmmm! What to do?" I yelled in frustration. 

"Why?" He innocently asked. 

"We've been sitting here for hourssss" I complained, kicking my fee in the air like a little girl. I really want something different to do today. 

"Then what do you want to do?" He asked looking down at me laying on his lap and smiling. 

Jaebum is the type of guy who  I can consider a total package. He's lean, handsome and obviously irresistible but nobody really knows he is also the type of guy who will follow whatever you want and a type of nice guy. Nobody really knows except for me. But in this situation I am always the one benefiting from this nice guy. 

"Come on Jaebum, we've been dating for almost a years now, I know you can do everything. Let's do something different" I stood and kneel beside him. 

"Please. Babe?" I whispered into his ears. He took a big gulp and pushed a smile and turn to me. 

"Wha-what-at do-d-o you w-wan-ant-t b-ba-babe-b?" He stuttered. Oh, Jaebum you are really easy.

"You." I smirked into his ears, stood up and go to his bedroom.

I lay on his bed and he followed me right away.

"Why did you go here?" He asked blinking his  eyes once twice between his words. I bit my lips. He bit his too, but he tried to hide it but he failed.He stood up and put his hands on his waist before saying,

"Can you please close your eyes for a bit." I was shocked. I think he don't want me to see him. He always ask me to close my eyes always when he's getting shy.

"Okay, I'll close my eyes. I'll count to three" I did what I said and close my eyes.




"This is what you wanted right?" Right when I open my eyes. I was pinned to the bed by a shirtless Jaebum looking at me fiercely into my eyes.

He smirked as I stayed, shocked. I look down and saw his abs and his muscular arms pinning my arms to the bed. And let me get back to his abs and let me take a moment to breathe. Damn, can't believe that's an art piece I can call mine. I have been waiting for this.

Out of nowhere he started kissing me on my neck. He placed soft and moist kisses making me moan lightly to every kiss he stamps on my neck. 

"Gaaahhhd, JB!" I let out a moan as he started sucking on my neck and smiling onto my hear. I just stay there and take every kiss, suck and everything he do to me. 

"Where was the JB I knew?" I started fighting back, I started making out with him. 

"Do you not like this, babe?" He paused then go back again kissing my neck, but this time he goes a little lower. 

"I miss him but," I paused, he did too. 

"But I like this one too" I giggled and go back with him, I started unbuttoning his pants and he help me take off my sweater. 

I took off his pants and he took off my shirt, my shorts and sneakily hook off my bra. He kissed my neck again and go lower, lower and lower. I moaned in delight and shocked he was so sneaky and fast. I play with his hair and accept all the pleasure he is giving me. 

After few minutes from his soft kisses he started going rough on my nipples and started grabbing my ass. My hands traveled down, making him paused and me annoyed that he paused. 

"Is it alright?" He whispered asking if I'm ready. For a sec he's all bad boy but then he switched back to my good guy JB and that he still is concerned about me, he always is, that make me love him more. I nodded.

He pull down his boxers but he didn't let me see anything, he hugged me close and sucked my neck, I laugh and just go along with him. His hands find it's way to pull down my panties. 

"I love you" He whispered and kissed me on the forehead. 

"Im Jae Bum!" I screamed feeling him going in and it already brought me so high and in ecstasy. I can feel him so hmm. My fingernails dug into his skin as I scream his name louder and louder as he thrust into to me.

He's huge! And he already hit the right spot, right away. He thrust into me back and forth getting faster and faster as I scream, squeal and yell every time. 

"y-you-re so tight. I'm coming!" I hear him as he continue kissing me. 

"Jb, Jb, Jb, I'm coming too!" I whimper digging myself more on his chest and pushing my nails on his back. The room became stuffy and the air became hot and humid, in a good way. 

"Im Jae Bum" You called out his name and moan and moan, reaching orgasm. 

I felt heat travel from my core to my stomach and then everywhere as I release everything and rest my body to him. He reached climax as I feel hotness inside of me, and then he let out a hot breathe on my chest before laying next to me still hugging me. 

He's so good. uhmm.

Can't believe he's hiding this side of him since forever. Maybe I'm a kind of a bad girl, but I like to be lead too. JB and I has been dating for almost a year now and yes, he's aggressive but not on sensitive things, he take my consent first before doing things I might be uncomfortable. 

It's the first time doing this with him and he's so different and aggressive too, but I like it. I love it. 

I thought he'll just continue on being a good boy JB, but they were right, JB is steaming hot and aggressive. I didn't believe that at first because I thought I knew him better, but I was wrong. 

I guess nice guys really finish last.

And this time the bad boys wins. 

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