( chapter six. )

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  Everything looked real and the warm wind brushing faintly across her skin surely felt real. Yet, it wasn't─ not really. Andrea's squinted gaze wandered in confusion, studying the unfamiliar place she'd suddenly come to arrive in. Everything looked like it was straight out of a movie scene shot in the 40's, including the style. Which, only proved to confuse the brunette more as her eyes scanned the area.

  What in the fresh hell is going on? The brunette thought to herself, unable to help the mild panic she felt. How and why was she here? The female turned around at the sound of laughter and found her gaze pausing on a girl; one who bore too much of resemblance to Andrea herself in order to be considered a coincidence. The Jones woman felt as though her heart had stopped inside her chest.

  As she stared at female, Andy was quick to notice how there seemed to be little to no difference between the both of them. Now, further anxiety was beginning to settle in. This was either a wild fever dream or she was legitimately crazy. What other possible explanation was there for seeing two different versions of yourself?

  Andrea inhaled a sharp breath as she found herself starting to panic. But, she stopped short upon hearing the girl begin to speak. "Aw, little Steve's growing up! Congratulations on getting into that army program." The girl said with a smile. She seemed to glow brighter than sunshine itself. Her words were directed to one of the two men beside her, both of which Andrea hadn't seemed to notice until now.

  The taller of the two boys stood behind the girl, holding her in a loving embrace as he smiled down at her. For some odd reason, Andy's heart ached in longing at he sight. She'd never seen someone more in love.

  "I'm a month older than you." The smaller of the two men pointed out, an amused grin adorning his lips. The girl merely dismissed his word with a wave of her hand. He was scrawny and about the same height as the girl. For a moment, the Jones woman didn't think he was anyone important to her (nonetheless someone she would recognize), until she took a closer look.

  Andrea felt as though all the breath had been knocked out of her chest. She stumbled backwards in shock, almost tripping over herself as she stared at the person who was undoubtedly her best friend; Steve Rogers. Though, it wasn't necessarily the Steve that she had come to know.

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