Chapter 3 - A Proposition

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Hi Friends! A note before we get to the chapter. Several concerned readers are worried that I am using the discussion questions at the end of each chapter to write future chapters. These concerned readers worry that the answers are "influencing" my original ideas in a negative way, causing me to diverge from my own original ideas. Frankly, these comments left me upset. I would like to make something clear:

The discussion questions are here for my readers, NOT for me. I am already done mapping out the WHOLE series and Reyr the Gold's draft is ALREADY written. Whatever changes I make during the editing process will be made to fit my vision, not some "influenced" vision. And besides, if I happen to see a good idea or two floating around in the comments, sure, I may incorporate it in some way. That is the fun of Wattpad, right? Readers getting to contribute to make a story even better? If I ever do get a monumental suggestion from someone, I'm more than happy to give them an acknowledgement at the end of the book--credit where credit is due.

That being said, I will happily REMOVE the discussion questions if my lovely readers don't like them. I think we should take a vote because I know for a fact that some of you enjoy having them. I personally LOVE reading your responses. Your answers make posting new content FUN FOR ME, and gives me something in return. It also allows you to see what your fellow readers are thinking, and maybe come up with new fun things to speculate about. But like I said, I will happily remove them if you all would prefer.

Please only one vote per person (inline comment):

KEEP the questions?

REMOVE the questions?

This chapter will not have discussion questions until we decide whether or not to keep them. Thank you for your time and enjoy the chapter!

-Mel xx

Fort Squall, Squall's End

Tamara sat with her eyes fixed before her. This was entirely challenging. Though she faced forward, her attention continued to wonder to the man beside her. She studied him in her peripherals, straining against the limitations of her eyes. This man sat comfortably upon the bench they shared, leaning back so that his elbows rested behind him atop a trestle table. There were numerous trestle tables within the dining hall and they sat at the front-most.

Her companion's long legs stretched out before him and crossed at the ankles. Fine long legs they were too, with muscles accentuated by well-fitting trousers. Even sitting he was a whole head taller than she.

Quickly to remain unnoticed, she allowed her eyes to dart in his direction, stealing nothing more than a moment's glance. She saw his golden hair and amber eyes. He looked so much like his father, though there was a little of his mother there too, which could be seen in his fine straight nose and prominent cheek bones.

He caught her glance and offered her a wink. Heat flooded her cheeks. She immediately returned her gaze to the front of the room, scolding herself inwardly. This time she made an extra effort to focus on the matter at hand.

"Our recent loss has been devastating for everyone," said Lord Davi. Fort Squall's leader stood before them as he discussed the terrible deaths that occurred some days before. "I have decided to call a kingdom-wide meeting. I have invited representatives from each fort." She studied Lord Davi's face now the way she had studied Byron's. They were nearly identical, but there were subtle differences. Where Lord Davi wore a constant solemn expression, Byron always seemed in the middle of a private joke.

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