For him.

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You were all I asked for.
It may be a bit too much for her to say these words, but he was all she ever asked for. She's a dreamer. Suffice to say, she's read a hundred books and in her mind, she's created this amazing man who would be the bearer of her heart, the keeper of her soul. For years, she knew she wouldn't find a person like that—not until she met him.

No, he's not perfect. He has a temper, he gets jealous. He sulks like a five-year-old and he sometimes acts like one. But beyond the façade this man offers lies a boy, the boy that she once thought was going to be a figment of her imagination.

He once found her in tears inside her van, crying about something that her heart couldn't contain anymore. She sobbed even harder when she saw him and he slipped in beside her in the cramped seat, arms wrapping around her waist as he pressed his lips against her hair, his warmth enveloping her. He cupped her head against his chest and she sniffled loudly, her tear stained cheeks leaving marks on his gray shirt.

"Shhhh, shhhh, tahan na," he murmured softly, the hand cupping her head now caressing her hair. He hums a quiet tune and she holds back the fresh wave of tears, her teeth sinking deep on her lip. "Andito ako, shhhh. Tahan na."

He doesn't ask why she's crying, because he knows she needs her time to gather her thoughts. Instead, he tightens his hug and she melts in his embrace as she lets go of her entire being to him—trusting him with everything that she has.

Because this is what they have–she will jump, as long as he's there to hold her hand.

She feels her body start to relax as he rocks their bodies together, her head now tucked against his chest, his heart beating in sync with hers. His lips find purchase on her temple, his soothing whispers washing over her and she finds herself cocooned in the comfort of his love.

"Please stay," she whispers softly, her tears finally running its course. He smiles back at her, pressing their foreheads together.

"I'm not leaving."

And at this very moment, she's thanking the heavens because this was all she ever asked for.
His love heals my broken parts.
"Mahirap akong mahalin."

Those were her first words to him the moment he revealed his intentions of courting her. She was half expecting him to make a break for it and run, but instead, he stood his ground and nodded, his shoulders set defiantly.

"Walang madali sa mga bagay na importante at pinahahalagahan."

She's a pessimist. Hand her a glass and she'd outright tell you it's half empty without even bothering to check if the glass was filled or not. For the longest time, she's been swimming in an ocean of insecurity and she doesn't know what else to do but sink, letting the water fill her lungs until she can't breathe.

She's broken. She's got broken pieces everywhere and she tries to pick them up one by one, sometimes dropping one thing and another, leaving them in trails as she moved forward. She's got broken parts–cracked, chipped and needing to be fixed.

But he came bearing bandages to fix her broken parts, the ones that she never thought would ever be fixed. He loves her enough to wash away her pain, his hands gentle enough to tend to old wounds that bled over and over, his affection enough to patch her scratched and bruised ego.

"Sabihin mo sa akin kapag napapagod ka na ha?"

He shook his head and gripped the wheel tighter, eyebrows raised as he looked at her sideways. "Hindi ako mapapagod sa 'yo. Promise ko sa 'yo yun 'di ba? Hindi kita iiwan."

"Kahit na ang hirap na? Kahit masakit na? Kahit–"

"Meng," he drove the car to the shoulder of the road and he faced her, lifting his hand to her cheek, thumb caressing her soft skin. "Mahal kita. Don't forget that."

She kissed him–with lips open and trembling in desire, tongues searching for secrets and teeth nipping the edges of pleasure. She kissed him with enough fervor to match his strength, she kissed him for healing her broken parts, and she kissed him for giving her the love she never thought she deserved.
I made a choice–it's you.
She never thought she'd find him, out of the 101 million people living in this country. It was such a rare occurrence, for two people to find each other again after years of being apart, of not knowing each other's names or who they were.  It was serendipity at work, but she never thought serendipity would work for her–with her.

It was true. She had a choice. She could've just left it at that–she could've just left him as her love team, her work mate. But she didn't. She chose to journey with him even if she was scared out of her wits for doing this. She was trading everything because she knew it was going to be worth it.

His temper isn't something that she wishes to cross. He can be intense if he wants to, his eyes blazing like a flame burning through a forest, and she knows—she knows how his soul works.

"Trust me?"

He held his palm up to her, open and waiting, and she reached out, her fingers intertwining with his. He lifted her hand up to his lips and she sighed, his sincerity a far superior proof of his love.

"I trust you."

Because out of the 101 million people out there, she found him and he found her, and in the midst of a million questions, she chose him. In the end, she would always choose him. Just him.

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