×××Chapter 3×××

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×××Y/N POV×××

*BEEP BEEP* My alarm goes off. I sit up in bed and stretch my arms. I slide my feet of the edge of the bed and stand, almost losing balance because my foot asleep. "Ugh." I groan with irritation and make my way to my kitchen. I remember last night that Adam told me what time to get up, when to get to the airport, when I have to get on my plane and that hell meet me at the airport. "Wait... what time is it...? I ask myself. I quickly look at the oven and it read 4:48 am.

"I have to get ready! I'm supposed to be at the airport at 5:15!" I yell running into my room and grab the outfit that's on the foot on my bed. The only clothes that are in my room. I change into the outfit and grab my suitcases to bring in the plane and walk out the door with keys in hand.

I place the suitcases next to the trunk, I walk to the drivers seat, open the door and pop open the trunk with a single press of a button. I walk back to the trunk and shove the two suitcases in the trunk. I close it and hurry to the front seat, sitting down and closing the door. I start my car and hurry out of my driveway and to the airport.

I make it to the airport and try to find a parking spot which is really impossible. "Oh my god! This is impossible..." I yell. I look at the time and see its 4:58. I slam my hands on the handles of the steering wheel, not the horn. I finally find a parking spot and park there. I turn off my car, take my keys and phone, and hurry to the trunk. I try to open it but it's locked. "Ugh!" I groan and walk to the front door, open it and press a button.

The trunk pops open and I open it grabbing my luggage. I close the trunk and door and hurry inside the airport. I grab my phone to see its 5:04. I hurry to my gate, where I have to get on my plane. I see a flight attendant behind this desk thing. "When do I board?" I ask out of breath. "You were just in time. Ticket?" I sigh in relief and hand her my ticket. She checks it and kindly let's me aboard. "Have a nice trip!" "Okay thank you!"

I wave and board the plane. I walk down the plane isle and find my seat. I open the overhead compartment and shove my luggage inside, closing after. I sit down and I'm sitting next to this old smelly guy along with his wife I think? Well, at least I'll be working with my best friends in 5 hours. The pilot says all the procedures to ride in a plane. After that, we take off. I lay my head down and relax and instantly, I fall asleep.

"Ma'am. Wake up." A young lady says lightly shaking me. "Wha..? Oh! I'm sorry!" I say standing and  quickly gathering my luggage. "Oh don't worry. Your alright." She says. I gran my luggage and walk out of the plane and into the airport. I pull out my phone and see 4 new messages from Adam. I open his messages and text him back. Hey I got off the plane. Come pick me up. I texted him. "Y/N!!" I hear some guy yell who sounds pretty familiar. "Y/N!" He yells again.

I look in that direction and see Adam, Ross, Barney and two other guys, both gingers I see. "Hey guys!" I yell back. I run in their direction and practically tackle Adam. "I missed you so much! I'm so sorry for not contacting any of you for a whole year before a couple days ago!" I say. "Y/N its okay its okay." Ross says. I smile and look at the gingers. "I guess your Y/N." The ginger with a golden Z necklace said. "Yea and hey I like your necklace!" I say.

He smiles slightly. "This is Max and this is Michael but we all call him Red." Adam says. "Hey!" I say. Red smiles and waves almost, seemingly nervous. "Let's head's back to's the office shall's we?" Barney asks. "Yea I want to see what its like!" I say exited. We all head to the offices and once we got inside, there wasn't a ton of people but only a decent amount. A few people came up to me and Adam greeted me with them.

He showed me around and made sure I know who everyone is. One thing that's got me curious is that Red keeps giving me nervous glances here and there. It doesn't really phase me so I just pay attention to Adam. "So your a pretty good editor am I right?" He asks. "Yea. Well at least I think so. You can watch one of my friends videos." "Okay I'll do that in a little bit." "Okay." We continue walking and we get to this office which is empty except for a desk and a spinning chair.

I walk over to the chair and sit in it, spinning in circles. I stop and stand up almost falling but quickly stand up straight. Adam laughs his unique girly laugh and asks if I'm alright. "Yea I'm fine. Just dizzy." I say laughing as well. We soon stop laughing and talk about what I should do with my office. There's a knock on the door. We both turn our heads and see who it was. "Hey guys." It was Max. "Hey!" "Hey Max." Me and Adam say.

"Welcome to the office Y/N." Max says. I smile and say thanks. "Hey Max. Could you stick with her for a while? I have to go for a bit." Adam says. "Yea sure whatever." "Thanks man." Adam says walking out patting Max on the shoulder. Max is just standing there with a straight face and hands in pockets. "So. You edit videos?" He asks. "Yea." "Okay follow me." He says and walks off. I start following him.

We get to this section of the main area where there's around five computers. "This is where we edit the other lazy asses videos. And here is my station." He says motioning to the second computer. "Oh cool!" "Yea I know!" Some guy says quite cheerfully. "Shut up Tim." Max says. "Okay.." And he turns back to his desk. I chuckle but stop myself. He chuckles too for once. "So yea. I dont know what to do now." He says. "Me neither." He shrugs and put his hands back in his pockets.

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