Chapter 22

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I am silently urging the car to go faster to the place where I hope they have Carmen. I really need to get to her and soon, or I'm going to rip someone's face off. We pull up to the building and our team of men are getting into position. As we go up the elevator, the tracker beeps are getting stronger and my hopes are getting higher. We approach the door and ring the doorbell when we hear her loud terrified scream come from the other side.


I nervously wait and try to come up with a plan to get away from these idiots. I need to take one of their guns and shoot them with it or something. I come up with a plan and wait for the next person to come to the door.

I pace and watch television, nerves getting the best of me. I will jump out that window before I let anyone kidnap me and sell me for sex. There's a tap on the door and all of them walk inside at once. I have to come up with a new plan, I'll figure it out. "It's time." One of them says. A guy steps out in front of them, "She is cute. She'll definitely work. Have one of you tried out the goods yet?"

I take a step back. "Not yet. We wanted to wait for you." The best friend says. The guy steps in front of me too close and when I try to step back, he grabs my arm, pulling me towards him. His hand trails down the side of my face and down my shirt. I try to move his hand away and he slaps me hard. I feel the sting and have to remind myself to hold on long enough to find out where he keeps his gun, then I'll take him down and the other two idiots don't even know how to use a gun, I'm quite sure.

I should have escaped when they first kidnapped me instead of doing it now. I was sure that Samson and the agents would be able to find me before anything happened. His finger dips inside of my shirt, into my bra skirting over my nipple. I try to pull back and the grip on my hands tighten and he grabs my breast. My knee automatically comes up and makes contact with his balls. He doubles over in pain, not letting go of my arm and my knee comes up again and connects with his face. Blood spurts from his nose and he lets me go.

"Okay bitch! I was going to be nice to you, now I'm going to make you suffer. I'm going to take you hard and then I'm going to let them two take you hard. After that, I'm going to make sure that I sell you to the meanest customer that I have and you will suffer for the rest of your short life.

I'm already running towards the door when the two idiots grab my arms. I stomp on their feet and kick one of my feet up and knock one of them out. When he releases me, I swing my elbow around, hitting the other one in the head, knocking him out also. I run down the stairs, looking for a way out when I hear the doorbell ring. At the same time, I'm yanked back by my hair. I scream as loudly as I can, hoping that they hear me on the other side of the door.


We kick the door in, entering the apartment, guns drawn. Some douche has Carmen by her hair trying to pull her back up the stairs. She's trying to fight him with all that she has. "FBI! Freeze!" Agent Holmes yells. They both stop fighting and look at us startled. Carmen reacts first, she turns around and tries to bite his arm, but he deflects her pulling her to him and putting a gun to her head.

"Get back or I'll shoot her!" he yells. I look at Carmen and she just rolls her eyes. Uh Oh. Please don't do anything stupid Carmen. I glance over at Agent Holmes and he has a grin on his face. What's the joke? Carmen starts to drop like she's fainting and when the guy who's holding her grip loosens and he looks down, she jumps straight up into his face head-butting his nose, which looks like she already broke it once, making him scream out in pain.

When he curses, she takes the gun from him by snapping his wrist and he screams again falling down the steps. She hurries down behind him, jumping over him, and running straight into my waiting arms. "There's two other ones that I knocked out upstairs." She says before she buries her head in my chest. The rest of the agents spread around the house making sure there's no one else inside of the apartment.

I savor her in my arms for a minute before I ask, "Are you okay?" She looks up at me and I see the bruise on her cheek, "I'm so glad you're here. That guy was going to take me to South America and sell me as a sex slave!"

"I doubt you would have let him do that. You handled him just fine when we got here." I soothe. "I was only confident because I knew he wouldn't get away. I knew that you wouldn't let him get away." She says. I pull her over to the side as everyone in the house is handcuffed and taken out to the waiting vans. Agent Holmes takes the gun from her hands and puts it in a bag for evidence.

I hold her so thankful that she's not hurt. I keep her tightly pulled to me, kissing her on the top of her head. I hear her mumble, "I remember everything."

"That's good baby. We'll talk about it tomorrow okay? I just want to get you home and hold you all night long." She nods into my chest.


I don't want to leave the protection of his arms, so when he pulls back so we can walk to the car, I whimper. His arm goes around me and keeps me close to his side as we make our way outside to the waiting car. When we get inside, he buckles me in and slides in beside me, pulling me close to him again.

The ride to FBI headquarters is done in silence. I hold on to Samson like he's my lifeline.

When we walk inside, all of the gang is there with the exception of Brianne. I hope she rots in hell. That's a horrible thing to think about someone, but after what she did to me, I don't have anything but negative thoughts about her. I push her out of my mind as everyone is checking on me making sure that I'm okay. I won't leave Samson, and he won't let me go, so after a few minutes they give up and tell me that they'll see me tomorrow.

I'm taken to the doctor who checks me over and other than my bruised cheek, I'm given a clean bill of health. Samson takes me home and I immediately go into the bathroom, stripping off my clothes for a shower. When I step inside, he's right behind me and we shower together. We get out and he dries me off first, before drying himself off. We are constantly touching, not once have we lost contact since I ran to him in that apartment building. When we can't touch each other with our hands, our toes or another part of our bodies are touching.

We get into the bed with our towels wrapped around us, not breaking contact. We lay there awake for a few minutes, just feeling each other. Right before I go to sleep I feel him kiss me on the forehead, "Before all of the craziness that will be tomorrow, I just want you to know that I love you with all of my heart. I don't need answers, I just need you."

"I love you too."

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