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Let me just say.. My boyfriend helped me on this cause I had writers block so bad and just didn't wanna end the story. So he helped me out.. I hope it's better then what I'm thinking.. A bonus chapter is coming too.. (It'll clear up some things on Juicy aka Jasmine)


"You good back there, momma?" Rod asked his niece as he handed her a juice.

"Mhmm." She said, nodding her head rapidly from where she was, in her car seat in the backseat.

Nyomi was almost three, she was just like her father, Riley. The last six months that she had been living with Rod and Mariah were great. Rod adored his niece so much, to him she was his daughter.

After Payton's death, she only wanted one person to adopt her baby girl, Mariah. Being that Mariah was already attached to the little girl, she adopted her the day after she read Payton's will. Rod was hesitant at first but he knew if his brother knew about his daughter he would of wanted him to be there for her and that's what he was going to do.

The door to the BMW opened to reveal a seven-month Mariah. She hopped in, handing Rod the red pair of Chuck Taylor's she had got for Nyomi.

Rod nodded at the shoes, they were better than the other ones she bought. He didn't want his baby girl wearing wedges while Mariah complained they were going to be in her closet til her birthday. Being three didn't change a thing for Rod, it was like Mariah was trying to turn his niece into a fifteen-year-old. She even was going to flat-iron Nyomi's hair before Rod stopped her, making her put in adorable twists. Being that Ny was tender-headed and Mariah liked to get things done ASAP, Ny would scream and cry to the top of her lungs while Riah combed her hair until Rod came in to save the day.

"They aight." He said as he handed them to her so she could put them back in the box.

"Aight? What's that suppose to mean?" She rolled her eyes as she put on her seatbelt.

"What I'm pose to say?" Rod asked as he started the car, backing out the parking lot.

"Do you like em'?" She asked.

"They cute." He responded.

Mariah had been stressing for weeks now, something was different. Rod was pushing hisself away from her, killing her softly. First, she thought it was because he wanted to give Ny his attention but then it was a constant thing. It went on forever, she didn't think she deserved that. Especially when she was carrying his son.

Rod knew she was stressing, he just wanted to tell her what he had to say without her leaving. He couldn't let her leave, he wouldn't. He didn't want her stressing out the baby but he had been working on how to tell her what he had to say for months. He wanted it to be the right time, let everything that had happened in the last year out. He didn't know if this would make or break them but he knew he had to do it..

"I hungry." Nyomi said.

"What you want, baby girl?" Rod asked as he looked back at her.

"Pizza." She said before Rod put on his signal light, changing to his left lane so he could make a left turn.

He stopped at the red line as he glanced at Mariah who was rubbing her temples. He sighed, putting his hand against her tummy, the kick of his son making him smile.

"You good?" He asked her, putting his Timberland covered foot against the gas, taking a left.

"Yeah." Mariah sighed, turning the air conditioner off before she looked back at Nyomi who was playing her Nintendo while drinking her juice.

Nyomi looked back at her with a grin, as she sipped on her juice. Mariah smiled at the little girl, after the death of Payton, Nyomi was still going strong. She asked about her mother every now and then but she never cried, she just gave a frown and moved on.

Rod pulled into the parking lot of Papa John's. He went into his pocket pulling out a twenty before he got out the car, ordering the pizza.

Five minutes later, he was waiting for the pizza while the cashier continued to talk to him.

"-yeah, so, I was trying to get the fifty percent off..." Rod tuned her out until he handed her the box of pizza, "can I have your number, you really understand."

The girl was heartbroken, she had been telling him about her past boyfriends and sweaters for the last five minutes.

Rod just shook his head, flashing her a smile, "Have a good day."

He walked out, opening the backseat before he pushed the box of pizza on the seat, next to Nyomi. He closed the door, getting in the front seat before he started the car, driving home.

"You tired?" Rod asked Nyomi as he picked her up from the living room carpet while Mariah picked up the pizza box, throwing it in the trash.

Ny nodded as she wrapped her arms around Rod's neck. He walked up the steps opening the door to her room, the walls were pink with butterfly stickers just like she wanted them. Rod walked to her bed, laying her down. She was fast asleep already, he pulled the covers over her, kissing her forehead.

He walked downstairs as All That played in the living room.

"You know I love you like cooked food, I'm a good dude
Let's hit the Roscoe's on Pico, I'm in a hood mood
I'm sittin' here thinkin' 'bout all the things I could do
So what you should do is
Play your position for Berkin bags, we poppin' tags
Her shoe game sick, we drinkin' Ace out of Red Bottles
True gang shit, fuck with me and you're famous
Kanye'd my bitch, now she's away from the nameless
Camera flashes from strangers, turn a Range to a manger
Jesus piece on the plate, yea my baby an angel"

Mariah had her eyes closed as she sat on the couch, Rod slipped off his white tee, walking to her. He grabbed her hand, making her open her lids.

She shook her head while he chuckled, "C'mon, baby."

He helped her up, walking to the space in the living room. He grabbed her hand, turning her so her back was to his front. He put his hands against her hips as they moved to the beat of the music.

When Mariah was young, she was the cheerleader while Rod was the basketball player. They always danced, every school dance they would show off. Rod remembered the night he asked her out, they were at Mariah's school dance. Even though he was already a freshman while she was in eight grade, he snuck in. He danced with her til it was time to go home, asking her out the night he walked her to her grandmother's home.

He grabbed her hips as they moved to the rhythm. She closed her eyes while they moved together, Rod's lips nuzzling the back of her neck.

"You know my lady always on

She know I need it so
She know she can get
All that, all that, all that, all that, all that
My lady got me going
I'm where she already knows
She knows she can get
All that, all that, all that"

Rod was softly rapping the words into her ears. Mariah sighed in pleasure, it was nothing but silence. Just them. Enjoying each other.

The song changed before Usher's voice filled the room as My Boo played.

"Do you remember girl. I was the one who gave you your first kiss. Cause I remember girl I was the one who said put your lips like this. Even before all the fame and People screaming your name. Girl I was there when you were my baby." Rod's voice filled her ears as they continued to rock together.

"I was in love with you when we were younger, You were mine my boo And I see it from time to time. I still feel like my boo and I can see it no matter How I try to hide my boo. Even though there's another man who's in my life, You will always be my boo." Mariah sung back.

Before they both knew it Rod had her on the carpet, her eyes staring into his hazel ones. He leaned down, putting his lips against hers, just like their first. Rod stared into her eyes as she stared into his, their lips touching but not moving.

Mariah closed her eyes, moving her lips just as Rod moved his, making sure his weight was off her, her belly the only thing keeping them apart.

Rod pushed his tongue into her mouth, her hands moving up and down his bare chest. He grabbed the end of her sun dress, pushing it up til it was around her waist. She sat up before he pulled the dress off her body, grabbing her panties before he ripped them off her body, pushing his lips back against hers.

He pushed his hips against hers, grinding against her. Rod unzipped his jeans, pushing them down. He grabbed Mariah's thighs, he aligned his d*ck with her pus*y, pushing into her.

Mariah wrapped her arms around his neck as he grinded into her..


One month later..

Mariah watched as the kids ran around. They were in her and Rod's backyard for a cook out. Rod was playing music while working the grill.

Mariah pushed herself off her chair, walking into the living room with the girls.

"Damn." Champy said as she watched Mariah waddle to the couch. Champy held a sleeping Zakari (Zuh-Car-Ree) in her hands. He was four months old, the pacifier slipping from his mouth as she continued to pat his back softly.

Mariah sighed as she took a seat on the couch, her back was killing her. She sighed once again as the men came in, kids in their arms. Rod carried Nyomi in one arm and a plate of food in his other. He handed it to Mariah as he sat next to her.

Mariah brung her lips to his barbecue sauce covered ones, kissing him softly. Rod bit his lip as he watched her eat, he felt like it was the right time. He wanted to do it in front of everybody. If she said No, he already knew he would probably throw a tantrum. He had been faithful, showing his love to her, not because he felt he had too, because he knew that's how she was supposed to be treated.

Thirty minutes later, they were all in his living room watching some movie Zaniah put in.

As soon as the movie cut off, Rod took a deep breath, standing up. Nyomi stood up too, running into the kitchen while Mariah looked up at him, holding her stomach.

Rod got on his knee while all the woman turned their attention to Rod while the men sat back and watched. It took a long time, especially since Rod and Mariah had been together longer than anybody else and still weren't married.

Rod still had things he had to tell Mariah but he would wait until they were in private.

Mariah put her manicured nail into her finger while she watched nervously.

"Baby, tomorrow will make nineteen years that we've known each other. The best nineteen years of my life, you been there for me and down through whatever. This bout the fourth time I done did this and this time, I ain't taking a no. Mariah Jennings, you my first everything, you bout to give me a son. Something we made together, something that make us even closer. I know I ain't been a real man to you, but I can promise you, all that behind me. I got you, my unborn son, my beautiful niece, most importantly, I got a family, something I ain't bout to give up for nothing. Baby, do me the honors and marry me?"

Just like that, Nyomi came skipping in, holding a velvet box while Skylar recorded the whole thing.

Rod took the box from Ny, opening it slowly to reveal a 14k gold engagement ring. Mariah gasped, as she nodded her head, she couldn't say a thing. Especially because of the pain she was in...

Rod grinned, pushing the ring onto her finger. A perfect fit.

Milan noticed Mariah's discomfort, furrowing her eyebrows, "You okay, M?"

Rod noticed too, standing up before grabbing Mariah's hand, helping her stand. The couch was wet with small dots of blood.

"Oh shit." Rod whispered as he looked up at her, "Why you ain't say nothing?"

Mariah shook her head, holding her stomach. Champy stood up, she was prepared and ready for this.

She handed the baby to Zane while she walked to Rod, telling him what to do.

Rod nodded, picking Mariah up, since Mariah didn't wanna have a doctor she didn't know touching on her when she gave birth, she asked Champy would she be her midwife. Being that Champy was a doctor though she was still taking classes, she knew she could do it though she never did it.

Champy grabbed her bag from out of her car, running back into the house and into the bedroom. The girls were holding Mariah's hand while Rod stood in the corner nervously.

"Rod, I need you to spread her legs." Champy said as she pulled on her gloves. Rod did as she told him, Mariah arching against the bed in pain.

She was ready..


Rod grinned at the baby in his arms. Riley Johnson was born six pounds eight ounces, nineteen inches long.

Mariah was fast asleep in the guest room, Rod had to changed the sheets on the other bed. He stood up, hugging Champagne as she stared down at the baby.

He named his son after his brother, it was the only name he could think of. He was attached to his son already, thinking of the things he would teach him in the future. He had his first child by the woman he loved and was going to marry, he couldn't be happier...

Rod waited until everyone was gone before he put Nyomi to sleep and Riley in his crib. Rod slid in the bed beside Mariah, kissing her neck.

Still their were things he had to tell her..

Mariah held her son in her hands at two in the morning, he was wide awoke when she woke. He wasn't crying either, he was silent. A silent baby.

Rod watched from the bed as Mariah looked at their son, watching his movements, his facial features.

Mariah rocked Riley against her, a warm bottle of milk in his mouth. It didn't take more than five minutes before he was sleep and back in his crib.

She never thought she would be a good mother or even a mother. She didn't have that look or feeling with Riley that every other new mother had, hers was something else.

It was a look that no one but Rod ever gave her, telling her that everything would be alright with just the look in his eyes.

"Riah." Rod whispered as she slipped back in the bed, facing him. She moved her hands against his cheek.


Rod swallowed, "Me and Jasmine.. It had been going on for two months," Mariah stayed silent, "we only had sex four times, just sex. Nothing more and nothing less."

He looked into her brown eyes, the dim lamp helping him see. This was what he didn't want to tell her, what he was scared of.

"The day she came over, I was in the shower.. I didn't stop her. I let her tou-" Rod closed his eyes as Mariah put a finger to his lips.

"It doesn't matter, you've claimed you changed, you showed me you've changed. We're moving forward, no lefts, no rights, and no rewinding. It's behind us now."

Rod nodded, kissing her softly. No rewinding..

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