chapter 13

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Meliodas pov

I thought she was a goddess. Didn't Merlin say she shouldn't be possessed.

" Merlin why is this happening? I thought goddess couldn't be possessed" I say loudly because Elizabeth was still screaming. Everyone was in the room. Me and Ban were holding Elizabeth down. It was actually very hard since we didn't want to break her bones.

Gowther was trying to locate where the dark magical aura was coming from.

" I thought so" Merlin face was serious " unless her mind is rejecting it and her body is trying to accept it."

"In other words she's at a war with herself. She's killing herself from the inside out." I said my face worried.

Merlin was standing there looking at Gowther. I was mad that she wasn't doing anything while me and Ben were holding her down. I could even see worry in Ban's eyes. That was a rare sight.

Elizabeth stopped struggling. We loosened our grip, then let go. Her wrists and ankles were white from where me and Ban were holding. Diane and King just stood by the door looking at all that had happened.

" Gowther what did you do?" I asked.

" I e-" He started before Elizabeth got up and grabbed my hand.

Meliodas pov.

She grabbed my hand. She looked at me with her eyes covered. By her hair.

" Eliza" I was cut off she was dragging me through the door. She also had BAn with the other hand.

We looked at each other, but offered no resistance

" well it's a good thing you're okay Elizabeth." I said and smiled.

She paused for a moment, then started walking. I think I heard her saying something like help me but that was my imagination. She was up and moving. Then she started running.

" Elizabeth slow down" I said with a half-smile.

" Yeah Elizabeth" Said Ban, the others right behind us wondering how we were keeping up.

" Can't we'll be late" She said with a huge smile.

" For what all of us said with confusion until we saw a huge castle. In the middle of the forest.  

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