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I fell back onto the matress, my body slick with persperation and pleasure. Spasm of my powerful release still violently racked my slender frame. Jacob disentangled himself from me within seconds of our mutual orgasm and lay on his back beside me, his breathing heavy and ragged.

I pulled the sheet to cover my naked body as if it was a shield that can protect my bare heart.

"Kailangan na nating tumigil." Jacob said quietly.

A laugh escape from my mouth. She cant find anything funny from what he said but it is just ironic.

Ganito pala yun. Kung sinong nagsimula ay siya rin ang tatapos. Shit.

"Alright." I bitterly replied saka nagsimulang tumayo.

"Yza." He said my name. Exasperation was mirroring his handsome face.


"Sana naman maintindihan mo." I wanted to slap him. Do something to hurt him. Because I dont understand why suddenly he wanted to quit the relationship that we have.

Okay. Siguro nga hindi ito matatawag na relationship. We can call it fucking. Because wala naman talagang sila. And they cant have that so called 'relationship'.

Siguro ang matatawag sa akin ay parausan. My inner self debated a moment. Parausan o alipin? I can choose both.

I let a fake smiled came from my lips. "I understand, kuya."

I also let kuya slipped from my lips just to pissed him off.

He shake his head, grabbed my left hand then pushed me onto the bed.

"Don't you dare."

"Dare you what, kuya?" He gritted his teeth.

Im not doing anything but I know he like this. Sometimes he wants women to defy him.

Kilalang kilala ko siya. At kabisadong kabisado ko ang katawan niya.

I can now feel his hard erection on my stomach. He might not notice it but I know what his thinking.

"Get off me." My cold voice rang insde the quiet room.

Binitiwan niya ko. Alam ko namang ayaw nyang marinig kami ng parents namin. Which is just two rooms away from this room.

He sat beside my lying frame. "We need to talk."

"Wala na tayong dapat pag usapan." I get up, picked my bathrobe then cover it to myself.

"You already said that we should stop this. And I already said yes. Ano pang problema?"

"Gusto kitang makausap para hindi tayo maging awkward sa harap ng parents natin." Gago pala toh eh.

"Wag kang mag alala. I can pretend if thats what you want to make sure so you can be at peace." Sa isip ko ay minumura ko na siya. Syempre magiging awkward kami sa harap ng parents namin.

What happened between us is not just kissed. We fooled around. He take my virginity. And it didnt happened just once. It did repeated for a year.

"Dont worry I wont make a scene." I told him softly. Alam na alam ko ang worry niya. I love him too much para dagdagan pa iyon.

"I'll see you later, Kuya." I kissed his forehead before I left his room.

I also left my feelings for him as well as my heart.

Auth Note:
Tamad talaga ko mag edit ng picture. Cover credits to google. Haha :)

Is this wrong, Kuya?Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!