Should I be offended?

"So you're letting me off the hook?" I asked and grabbed onto Harry's arm to crawl down from the counter as smooth as possible.

Niall shrugged. "Yeah. I'm actually surprised you stayed so long."

"I kind of had to."

"You were free to leave whenever you wanted to, if you didn't know that. But some chicks just can't stay away from me." He grinned before leaving the kitchen.

"Well, he seems... nice." Harry said once we were alone.

I laughed a bit. "So, can you walk me to my dorm? Or are you not done partying yet?"

He held out his arm for me to grab. "I'd happily walk you safely to your dorm."

So we walked like an old married couple back to the school building, arms linked that is. It was dark outside and the streets were completely empty. He suggested we'd lie on the ground like they do in The Notebook but I stopped him in the last second. He kept pulling lame jokes and I laughed – a bit too much – and almost tripped on my own feet. I blamed the alcohol for finding his jokes funny, because they were extremely corny.

We entered the building and luckily the lights were still turned on. I guided him down the hallway until we eventually reached my dorm.

"Thanks for walking me home." I said as I tried finding my key in my clutch.

"A real gentleman always makes sure a girl gets home safe." He smiled.

"You really are a gentleman. How come you're always so nice?"

He shrugged, giving me an innocent look.

"I've lived with girls my entire life, so I know how to treat them right."

"And now you want to live with guys." I chuckled.

"Better late than never." He grinned, sliding his hands down his pockets as I pulled out the key. I unlocked the door, looking inside to see if Alex was home or not, which she wasn't.

"Okay, so I'll see you on Monday then?" I said and looked back at him.

"You sure you'll be alright? I don't want to go home and later find out that you passed out or something."

"I'm not that drunk, Harry." I laughed. "I'm fine. Alex will be home soon, I think."

He pulled out his right hand from his pocket, handing me his phone.

"Put your number in, so I can text you in the morning to see if you survive the night."

I smiled and grabbed his phone. I added my number before giving it back to him. Then I gave him a small kiss on the cheek, thanked him one more time and headed inside. I locked the door for safety and slumped down on the floor to untie my shoes.

I went to the bathroom to pee and decided to wash off my make up in the morning. I slipped out of my dress and left it on the floor before heading out to the room. I crawled into my bed and checked my phone for the first time during the entire night. Maya had texted me a few hours ago and it reminded me I never really talked to her or the other's at all at the party.

M: "Niall can't keep his eyes off of you. That's a good sign"

I smiled to myself as I placed my phone on the nightstand.

Well, tonight was interesting. I had a little moment with Niall on the roof, which I kind of enjoyed. But I knew it would be harder to win him over than just one night. I mean he practically said I wasn't "hook up-material" so I need to try harder next time. Maybe check the list one more time to see what else he likes girls to wear. I've tried the dress and sneakers thing, but I can't wear that all the time.

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