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“Base, Symbio Mission. Confirmed. Geo Two identical to Pangaean Earth.”

“Symbio, go for interface.”

“Roger, commencing de-orbit. Atmo-interface 400,000 feet. Primary in 20 mike.”

“Symbio, Base. Quantum telemetry received.”

“Base, Symbio. Touchdown. Exiting vehicle.”


“Removing helmet. Never breathed air so pure. Enlivening! Grapes? Grapes!”

“That’s not what we’re after. Expedite sample retrieval. How copy?”

“Lima Charlie. All botany compatible. I’m sampling the sample. Got company!”

“Say again.”

“Company. Man and Woman, buck naked. No navels.”

“Zion Command, debrief supports biotelemetry. Your astronaut ate fruit from a tree of life.

“Oh, no! No! He has no idea what he’s done!”


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