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Reading Lists for MicroBytes are different from the Wattpad Genre Lists. This is because everything is so short in our collection, so we go by length. This means our lists will be a rainbow of genres, but that's okay, that just means there's something for everyone!

Reading Lists

I Got 99 Words... and no problems whatsoever! These stories are the tiniest of the tiny, featuring 99 words or less.

Pure Drabble is a story of exactly 100 words. Easier said than done!

MicroFiction 101 is where all of the stories from 101-199 words live.

Double Dutch is for all of the DuoDrabbles, which are stories of exactly 200 words.

The 201 to the 499 is everything between those two words counts, including the TripleDrabble, stories of exactly 300 words.

The Flash is flash fiction of exactly 500 words.

Anthologies and Collections is where we collect the best MicroFiction compilations on Wattpad.

MicroBytes - Art Edition is a list of all the best Art Collections on Wattpad!

And our exclusive MicroBytes Masters list is a rotating list of five featured stories from our reading lists. If you want to be included on this list, then make sure to submit your qualifying story to one of our lists and maybe you'll get a top spot here!

Check out the following chapter to find out how to submit to our reading lists!

Check out the following chapter to find out how to submit to our reading lists!

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