A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped Story) (25)

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Will's (pov)

I suck in a huge desperately needed breath of air. My head and lungs are aching and I'm disoriented, what the hell happened?

Before I can even look around to take in my surrounding I feel a burning trail of acid come up my stomach. I quickly roll over whatever soft surface I'm lying on and empty my stomach of its contents.

I gag and cough trying to breath in-between vomiting fits, my stomach clenches and lurches ever few seconds, Jesus when will this end? I take a deep breath in through my nose and cough a few more times, and spit out some saliva, I think I'm good. I don’t think there is anything left to get out.

 I take another deep breath but through my mouth this time, then I wipe my mouth against my sleeve. I clear my throat and taste the nasty after taste of vomit. I sit up on what I assume is my bed.

I need to brush my teeth or at least rinse my mouth out. God how much did I drink last night, what bar did I even go to last night, wait, what city am I in again? My whole body feels drained, man I need to learn to lay off the alcohol or at least quit while I'm ahead. Man I feel like crap.

 I open my eyes and look down at my mess and get a whiff at the rank stench, god what the hell did I eat, and how am I going to clean this up?

I lean and flop back on the bed maybe I'll just sleep and hope the mess magically goes away.

I feel a brush of cold air and I shiver. I realize my shirt is unbuttoned and that my chest is covered in sweat and something else, what the hell?

Did I puke on myself I? I lean down and take a sniff, I gag oh my god, and I’m going to throw up again. I cough and try to keep my food down, what is left of it anyway, what did I eat last night?

"O-oh m-m-my!" My head snaps up in the direction of the female voice. I see a plump young girl with brown curly hair and she's wearing an apron. Who the hell....

"I-I-I ss-so s-ss-sor-sorr-re-sorry, pp-pl-plea-please d-d-do-dont h-hur-hur-hurt me!" She shrieks this and recoils into herself shielding her head, and I think she's crying. Hurt her? Why the hell would I do that, and who is she? I take in my surroundings and realize this isn’t the place I was staying at, this.......

"Ahhh!" I grip my head in pure agony, my head feels like is just been struck my lightening. I press my head into the bed willing the pain to stop. Jesus, ugh, I take deep breaths as I feel the pain slowly subsiding.

 I cautiously lift my head and hands away in fear the pain will return if I do it too soon. The hell was that? 

My breathing is still very much labored, and I realize that my whole body is dripping with sweat. I'm kneeling on the bed, and I notice the strange woman is still here but she is no longer cowering in fear of me, but has a look of aw, and concern almost.

I'm terrible at reading people’s faces for emotion, well except for Whitney's, I always seem to be able to tell what she's feeling.........

"Whitney." I whisper to myself, shit, Whitney! Like a wave crashing against the sandy shore my memories come thrashing back, and I feel awful for even a second that I would forget about her.

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