chapter 16

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Jade's p.o.v 

Right as Jesy got a glimpse of Perrie's she knew something was up confused was what she clearly was. "Holy shit." She said rushing past us figuring out what was going on . Panic was overtaking me. I pushed perrie off me and started following Jesy trying to explain to her what was going on. "Jesy I can explain!!" I yelled across the hall trying to catch up with her. She shook her head obviously aggreviated. "Nope I don't want to know it doesn't concern me." "Could you let us explain this to you at least? " I heard Perrie say running at the same pace as me. Jesy came to an abrupt stop spinning on her heels to look at us. Her usually carefree attitude was replaced with a furious one her eyebrows knitting together and eyes going a darker shade of hazel ."What is there to explain you know other then my best friend was just making out with the one girl we swore we both despised or were you too busy eating each others faces to even notice that she was the girl that made both our lives a fucking living hell!" She yelled slightly making me scared. "Ouch " Perrie said acting like Jesy hurt her feelings ."I'm so hurt" Jesy rolled her eyes jabbing her thumb in Perrie's direction. "See why I hate her she doesn't take anything serious and plus Jade she bullied you for 7 years what the hell were you thinking sneaking around kissing her!!!" Why was she so mad? "Shut up your going to get us in trouble!" Perrie hissed ."Oh wouldn't want that happening now would I princess?" Jesy said sarcasm dripping with each word she said. "Don't call me that." Perrie said inbetween gritted teeth. I could tell she was holding back trying not to smack Jesy . Perrie didn't like getting treated like a child at all. Jesy chuckled. "Really and why not?" She stepped closer to Perrie her hands clenched into tight fists. If I didn't do anything a fight would break out I didn't want that happening . I jabbed her in the ribs with my elbow shaking my head telling her no "Jesy please don't I really like Perrie. " I pleaded making her look at me her face softening "Are you serious about this I don't care about the fact that your both girls I just don't want you to get hurt " She asked calmly I nodded grabbing Perrie's waist making her drape her arm over my shoulder bringing me closer to her body. Jesy let out a frustrated sigh rolling her eyes. "Just don't come crying to me when she breaks your heart." I felt something stab me in the heart would Perrie really break my heart? No way she said she wouldn't . "Thank you." Perrie said "But just don't tell anyone about this I don't want Jade getting bullied again." I nuzzled my head into the crook of her neck. See! She did care about me. She was right all the bullying stopped for me when she promised it would. Jesy shrugged "fine." Releasing a sigh of relief I thanked her. 


Perrie's p.o.v 

Jade went back to the closet to grab our stuff. I stood there awkwardly next to Jesy.I could tell why she hated me I made fun of her for so long I made her change something that I shouldn't have made her change. Her body was perfect before and is even better now.Wow I'm such a bitch. "Soo....Jessica how's life" I tried starting small talk. She turned to me narrowing her eyes. "Don't call me that I don't care if your dating Jade your not on my good side Perrie and let me tell you something I know your type your going to say you love her and need her and then just going to break her heart not caring about how she feels so I'm warning you now hurt her and I will kill you." I wasn't intimidated by her but I nodded she really did care about Jade and I couldn't help that she was protective over her I am too. I don't want anyone to hurt her including me. "I won't break her heart I promised her that." "What ever" she said examining her nails and Jade came handing me my books. "Hey babe." I whispered she grinned happily "Hi" she replied shyly. "Well we got to go to class bye Jesy." She said and walked off "You coming?"  I nodded but not before Jesy shot me a glare warning me again. I really did need to protect her Jade was delicate and Jesy knew that I didn't want anyone to hurt her she was fragile.  


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