Chapter One Hundred Forty Five

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Anora was finally getting used to the idea of being pregnant, and it was definitely starting to show that was in fact pregnant as her baby bump developed.

"I feel like I just look like I eat crazy amounts of food everyday, and this is what's happening to my body." she said looking down at her stomach one early morning as she laid in bed. Charlie was surprisingly awake that early as well, in fact he had been the first one awake. Iggy was curled up in Anora's side, purring loudly, but still awake, watching the two adults.

It was so obvious to Anora that Charlie was more than ready to be a father. Everyday, he grew more and more excited about welcoming their future child to the world.  He discussed all the things he wanted to do with his future daughter or son, and even wanted to discussing names for either sex.

Sometimes, Anora wished that she could allow Charlie to carry the child for full term, much like a seahorse.  She would think that he would be quite excited to actually be pregnant.

Suddenly, Anora giggled.

"What's so funny?" Charlie asked in amusement.

"Sorry, I was just picturing you with a baby bump and it was possibly one of the greatest mental images I've ever had." she mused. 

"I question a lot about what goes on in that mind of yours." Charlie said running his hand through her hair.

"Yeah, well..." she went to respond, but she could feel the movement of the child inside of her. She grabbed Charlie's hand and placed it over the spot where she felt the most movement.

"My goodness." Charlie said as he felt the kicking. "Someone's incredibly active this morning."

"Apparently he or she is going to be an early bird...just like me." Anora smiled happily.

Charlie groaned before leaning his head towards her stomach. "Hello little one, this is your father speaking. Listen, just because your mother enjoys getting up early in the morning doesn't mean you have to do the same. Sleep is a wonderful and glorious thing and you should cherish every moment of it."

"Already trying to work the baby against me?" Anora said moving his hair about playfully.

"I think when it comes time to our little one reaching this world, you're going to wish they slept in more. Because if we have an active morning crier..."

"Well good going Charles, now you've jinxed us. We're going to have a demon baby now. One who won't stop crying.."

"I did not jinx us, I'm just saying if they take after you..we're not going to be getting much sleep once they arrived."

"Charlie, most parents don't get sleep after their first child arrives. It's like the rules of parenthood. Just as your parents or mine. Your mother was telling me all about the fussy babies that she had to deal with back with you and your siblings."

"I was not a fussy baby." Charlie protested.

"Oh yes you were and your father agreed. He said you were the one who hated his naps being interrupted. If someone made a noise in the room that you were napping in, your dad said you would pitch an absolute fit until it was quiet again." she laughed. "Let's see, I think it's more than obvious that Fred and George were a handful as babies. Molly and your father didn't deny that one bit."

"And the others?" Charlie asked wondering how much his parents had informed Anora.

"Well, they said Bill was the quietest of all of you.  They could put some soft music on and he would be content for the day. Percy was fussy but only in the sense that he had to have things done in a specific order. If his routine was messed up, there would be hell to pay. Ron was the easiest, Molly told me."

"How was Ron the easiest?!" Charlie said baffled.

"Because he just wanted to be fed and then relax for most of the day. Sounds like Ron now, if he's full, he's happy." She said with a smile. "And then Ginny, Molly said Ginny wasn't fussy but she didn't want to be cuddled at all. Which makes sense, Ginny's been independent for as long as I've known her. So it kinda sounds like you were the fussiest baby, Charles."

"I was not fussy. I just liked my sleep is all. Is that a crime?"

"No, but we'll certainly know where our little one will get it from...won't we?"

"Oh don't you try to put this on me, An!" He leaned in towards Anora's stomach once more. "Hello little one, it's your father again, please don't be fussy!" he begged. "Unless you're just around your mother then by all means-"


"I'm joking.I'm joking-"

"Hi Joking. I'm Anora." she stuck her tongue out at him only to hear Charlie groan as he flopped back on the bed. "Anora, I'm supposed to be the one doing the dad jokes and we should at least wait until the baby gets here to get started."

"Oh, no!" Anora waved her hand. "I'm not letting joking opportunities pass me by. Besides, we all know that I'm the funnier one of the couple."

"What? That's not true."

"Oh yes it is. You can ask anyone. But that's okay, I'm the funny one and you're the responsible one."

Charlie pouted. "Well, what if I don't want to be the responsible one?"

"Then that leaves me to be the responsible one...does that sound right to you?"

It was quiet for a moment. 


The two of them started laughing before Anora cuddled into him. "You're going to be an amazing father, Charlie." she told him.

Charlie smiled proudly. "And you're an already amazing mother, An."

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