Max, You're drunk

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((Your POV))

There were dozens of cars outside. This might be a bit hard to find Max..

When I walked in I saw millions of people, some drunk, and some passed out, but none of them looked like Max..

"Excuse me, I'm looking for my boyfriend..Max Mithzan.." I told a bartender

"He a ginger?" She asked

I nodded

"Tall? Black beanie? Brown eyes?" She asked

"That's him.." I said

"Yeah, he's somewhere around here. Not sure where, but he's somewhere." she explained

"Thank you," I said, walking around looking for Max

"Babe!" Someone called from behind me.

He put his arms around me, I looked up at him. It was Max..

"Max, c'mon. We're going home, you're drunk." I said, but he just kept hugging me from behind

"You're looking hot..What did you do with your hair?" he asked

"I always have my hair like this.." I said

"Oh, well it's really hot.." He said, randomly kissing my neck

"Max, how many beers did you have?" I asked

"I don't know!" He mumbled, still kissing my neck.

"Max, lets go." I said

He lifted up from my neck, "Home is over 100 miles away, silly"

"It's 10 minutes away..I just drove here." I explained

"Pfft...Whatever," he said

"C'mon.." I Said

He was still hugging me from behind, "One more beer?"

"No, Max. You're drunk enough already.." I said

"Please?" he asked

"No. Let's go. Now." I said

"Fine...But only if you do me a favor for not letting me get another.." he sighed

"What's the favor...?" I asked

"You'll see.." He said, looking down at me..

"Um..Fine..? Let's just go." I said

I helped him to the car and it was obvious that he had way to much to drink..

"I'll drive.." He said

"I'm driving, Max" I said, helping him in the passenger's seat

"I'm not that drunk.." he said

"Yes, you are." I said, getting in the driver's seat and starting the car

"Oh and, When did your butt get so sexy?" He asked, breaking the silence

I blushed a bit

"Y-You were looking at it..weren't you?" I asked

"Duh, Why wouldn't I? It helps me picture how sexier it would be with these off..." he said, reaching for my pants

"Max, let me drive.." I said

He looked at me and crossed his arms, "Fine..."

"And what's that favor you want me to do..?" I asked

"Forget about it." He said

"What was it, Max?"

"I just wanted a night to ourselves,'s hard to explain without making it sound weird. So just forget about it." he explained

"Max," I chuckled, "Everything you're saying sounds weird. You're drunk, remember?"

"Yeah, I'm drunk. I know."

"You feel like puking anytime soon?" I asked


He wasn't acting as drunk as he was first acting..

"I think I have something at home, for You. But I don't remember.." Max yawned.

I started laughing hysterically, as he Just looked at me.

"What's so funny?" he asked

"Max, you're drunk! There's nothing for me at home!" I said.

"Yes, there is! I just don't remember what it is!" He shot back

Maybe he was being serious. Its hard to know when the person who might be serious is drunk..

"Um..Okay then." I said

"(Y/n) (L/n), I love you..I love you more then anything in the world. Sure, I'm drunk. But that just makes it easier for me to say this to you." He said

Maybe he was being serious..he used my last name and everything..Wait, who told him my last name? Weird..

"I love you too, Max. It's just hard to take you seriously when you're drunk." I explained, parking the car in the driveway

Max didn't say anything after that. He just got out of the car and ran inside the house. Dose Max always do this when he's drunk?

I got out of the car and went inside and saw all of our blankets and pillows laid out in front of the T.V, YouTube was up on the T.V and Max was laying down on the piles of blankets and pillows on the floor.

"I told you I had something for you." he said, smiling at me

I smiled and layed down next to him, as he held me close and we watched YouTube untill we fell asleep.

I love my Max.

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