Book Club Introduction

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Hello everyone and welcome to the STALKING SAPPHIRE Book Club!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to get to share the first book in the Sapphire Dubois Mystery Series with you; the wonderful community that makes Wattpad so unique. Every Friday for the next seven weeks, three chapters of my New Adult Thriller STALKING SAPPHIRE will be added, until the complete novel is up.

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Chapter Release Schedule:

Sept. 6—Chapters 1-3

Sept. 13—Chapters 4-6

Sept. 20—Chapters 7-9

Sept. 27—Chapters 10-12

Oct. 4—Chapters 13-15

Oct. 11—Chapters 16-18

Oct. 18—Chapters 19-Epilogue  

After each three-chapter section, book club questions will be posted and up for discussion. I’d be honored for anyone who wants to partake. This is also where you can drop in to leave comments and questions! Between working on the final touches for the sequel, SILENCING SAPPHIRE (it’s coming Oct. 22, folks) I will do my best to answer all and any questions you may have.

Now, if you are like me—incurably impatient—and refuse to wait until the next week to get the more of the book, you can, of course, get the complete novel whenever you want.

STALKING SAPPHIRE for any eReader device:

I hope you enjoy it!

A Warning: I’d like you remind you that the novel is New Adult. For all the younger readers out there, please be aware of the following: A foul-mouthed and offensive cop. Strong language.  And yes…there will be blood.

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