14. Caught Red-Handed

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       September 6th
       Agent R. Harris and Agent A. Peterson gather resources to create a room specifically designed for Special Operations. An error occurs concerning the operatives.

       14: Caught Red-Handed
       Date: September 6th

"How about this one?" A sly smile on his face, Alex points to the red-painted room on the first floor inside the main building of Smile Academy. I stop walking to glance into the room. Where I am, I have to lean forwards to peer inside the doorway, smoothing my hand over the back of my dress to keep it from riding up. After two and a half seconds I straighten up and begin walking away.

       "No," I decide.

       Alex catches up to me and pouts. "Why not?" the boy whines.

       We exchange glances as we continue down the hallways without pausing. I try not to notice how close our shoulders are to touching, but really it seems impossible after the feeling of Alex's hand on mine at the Plaza has been imprinted into my mind.

       At the thought of yesterday, my heart beats faster of its own volition.

        I shouldn't make physical contact with Alex again. Just to be safe.

       Moving away from Alex to continue navigating through the corridors, I reply, "Look, I'm not here for fun and games and neither are you. I know you like chips and video-games just as much as the next guy. And from what I've seen of you tbese past few days, you probably like it way more than the average teenage boy. Which is exactly why you won't be in an area containing those items while you should be working."

      I speak from experience. If we're inside a room that's full of chips, cola, and has an X-box of some sort, no male will be paying any attention to me whatsoever. No matter how short my miniskirt is.

       I assume Alex knows I'm right and has nothing to say to that, so we continue walking in silence. The silence is comfortable for me, but I know any minute Alex will break it. 

       "So what'd you think of him?" the blond next to me asks eventually.

       I sigh, not really paying attention to him. "Who? Jacob?" Once every few seconds my head turns to glance inside a door on my side. No one is inside the classrooms because of the assembly taking place in the auditorium, the one in which Alex and I do not plan to attend.

       The hallways are brown and shiny all around me, and my heels make loud sounds on the polished floors as we walk.

       Alex smirks and sends an amused look my way. "His name is Jeffrey."

       "Well it started with a J, didn't it?"

       “. . . Yeah, but—”

       "He's annoying, he's rude, and he's simply a waste of my time," I interrupt, my footsteps becoming a little heavier. "I don't like him. I don't want to hang out with him. He will lead me into violating the conduct rules of the school and I can't get over the fact that he sometimes looks like his head is too big for his body."

       For the next few seconds, Alex doesn't say anything, and I start to think I finally found an off switch.

       And then, "So you want to date him."

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