Caydee P.O.V

I opened my eyes my vision still blurry “mother fucker” I mumbled holding my head in my hands at the head ache I was feeling.

I groaned and tried to get up only to be greeted with a callous pain in my back. I winced I opened my eyes and I swear I thought I saw Brent.

I closed my eyes for a second and then when I heard Hailey cry my eyes shot open I tried standing up I crawled and was on all fours until I was sure I could walk my vision was still cloudy.

That's when that scent hit my nose my body shivered out of fear my palms were sweaty but I blamed it on the killer head ache I had. Then everything came tumbling down I remembered everything and waited for at least 4 minutes until my vision wasn’t foggy.

I looked around and saw Brent, I growled and looked around, when I saw who it was I gasped and my breathing was frantic I was shivering, I just stood there as a statue,like a monument frozen for eternity. The fear I felt was a being in itself because it wasn't just in me it was all around me.

He smirked “Nice to see you again Caydee, I met Brent nice mate you have” he said in his ice cold voice.

Brent growled in protest from beside me.

“You haven’t changed one bit, ey? Still the same feisty Caydee” he said his grey eyes boring into mine he had black hair but it had highlights that looked awful! His skin was older now and he had way more wrinkles.

I looked at Brent he smiled softly I wanted to kiss him I missed him so much words cant describe how worried I was.

Sorry, I said to him in his head.

Why? He asked as confused as me.

Because I'm the reason you’re in this mess. I retorted.

No, how? He replied softly.

You’ll see I said.

I love you no matter what he said.

I love you too forever.

I cut the mind link off.

“Wait till dad hears that our little Caydee is mated he's going to win the lottery when he finds out Chantelle has found her mate, and sapphire and Charlie and then Holly, pregnant!” he let out an evil cackle and I winced not holly! “I feel like ive won the lottery.”

“No la toques!” I exclaimed

 He grinned “oh Caydee, my little spit fire” he said causing Brent to growl possessively.

“Fuck off grant! You need to sort shit out with me then do it, why you getting them involved” I spat clenching my fists my vision fully clear........perfect.

He chuckled “oh I don’t need to, it’s Jinsu who needs to” he said smirking “you betrayed us, your dead” he said.

I smirked “oh yeah? You know what? I don’t give a shit, I was never scared of you and I never will be” I said.

Hailey cried out again and growled “where is she?” I asked.

He smirked “oh she's with Jinsu shell be out in a while” he said.

I ran up to him ready to attack him but was held back and punched in the gut I fell onto my knees.

Then I heard footsteps I spit the blood out of my mouth on the side “let go of me".

They didn’t let go Brent growled.

Caydee what’s going on?! Brent's voie drifted into my head.

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