Chapter 20- Summer Vacation

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(A/N: To make up for the last chapter, I will try really hard on this one ~Akemi Sutcliff)

After my nightmare, I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to do something. It has been 6 months since I've done it after all. I've been craving doing this. So, I went to the bathroom, and grabbed a pair of scissors. Then I tied my hair in a loose ponytail so it wouldn't be ruined. I opened the scissors..... and cut my hair. I cut it up to my shoulders. Afterwards.... I untied the rest my hair, picked up the strands on the floor, and tied the with the rubber band, and threw it into the trash. Then I went down stairs. It was really early, about 5:10. So I watch anime for a little while... then, I decided to give Tohru the morning off and began to make breakfast.

I always loved cooking. It was just a hobby. You know, when I was utterly bored. My favorite way of cooking was nuking stuff in th microwave, but I could actually cook. With pots and pans and stuff. I made omelets, because I couldn't really think of anything else. So people woke up to the smell of breakfast. First Tohru, then Shigure. Before Kyo came down, I slipped some chopped leeks into his. I'm evil, I know. So eventually he came down. Then, lastly, Yuki. He was as usual, half asleep, so when he took his breakfast from me, he said, "Thanks Miss Honda." Kyo took a bite out of his omelet. "Akemi... is this undercooked?... it has a really strange flavor in it." I shook my head innocently. "No... I made sure of it." He looked at me suspiciously. "What did you put in it then?" I shrugged. "Oh you know... salt, pepper, eggs, cheese...." I smiled devishly. "Leeks." He jumped up. "YOU DIRTY BITCH!!! ARE YOU TRYIN' TO KILL ME OR SOMETHIN'?!!!" I smirked. "Me? What did I do?" He basically leapt across the table and we were wrestling on the floor. "If you 2 destroy the house, you're fixing it!" Shigure said.

So, we stopped. "Kyonkichi started it!" He looked at me from across the table. "Nuh uh! Adela-Grace-Elizabeth was the one who put leeks in my food." I slammed my hands on the table. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT!" I yelled. "Well, I told you not to call me Kyonkichi, so were even." I stuck me tongue out at him, because I'm the mature one. "Hey everyone, we are going to the beach house fo the summer vacation." Shigure said quickly, knowing how we'd react. Kyo and I stopped fighting long enough to turn to him. "THE BEACH?!" We asked in disgust. It's not like I dont like the Beach... it's just..... I dont like swimming. Or getting wet. Unless it's the rain. I love the rain. It's like God is cleansing the world. Man.... I'm a weirdo....

Water and I just don't mix. I just.... don't swim. I like to sit on the sand and make castles and everything... but I don't swim.

Then, Tohru was the first person who noticed. "Akemi.... did you do something new with your hair?" Shigure nodded. "Tohru... she obviously dyed it." Idgit.... Kyo and Yuki said at the same time. "No, you imbecile, she cut it!" I nodded and touched the ends. So we ate breakfast, and Kyo picked his leeks out. Then I went upstairs to pack. Yuki came in. "Hey, do you need help?" I looked at him and smiled. "No thanks. I can't trust you with my clothes." Yuki leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. "And why is that?" I took an article of clothing out of my underwear drawer. "Because, I can't trust you of these." I waved around the pair as if it were a flag.

Well, he ended up helping me because I despise packing. Ugh. Bo-ring!!! So, afterwards, Hatori had to come and get us because, well, Shigure can't drive. I jumped forward and hugged Hatori. "HATORI~!" I yell, jumping onto my legal guardian. My looked down at me. "Akemi..... would you mind getting off of me?" I moved back. "Sorry, haven't seen you in awhile." He patted my head, as if acknowleding how short I am. He just loves to piss me off..... "Ok, everyone in the car." Tohru giddly sat in there. And 2 of my cousins were also there, Haru and Momiji!. "AKEMI~!!!!" Momiji sang. He jumped onto my lap. "Hi Momiji!" I said ruffling his hair. Haru pulled me into a sideways hug. "Akemi, your hair looks pretty!" Momiji exclaimed. "Thanks." I said, hugging him around the neck. "Oh, and Akemi, I have to take you somewhere later today, after we arrive to the beach." I nod. "No arguement there!" Momiji looked at me confused. "What do you mean?" I biffed him. "You know I hate the beach." Momiji frowned. "Please swim for me!" Kyo turned toward the boy lolita. "How come when ever I hit you, you complain?!" He swatted at Momiji's knee. "WAHH! SOMEONE! KYO'S HITTING ME!!!" I put on my serious face. "Momiji.... you yelled, right in my... ear!" He gasped. "OH! I'm sorry!" He hugged me. "Uhh, it's okay...." 


   "Okay, we're here!" Hatori said, probaly relieved he didn't have to hear Shigure sing that maybe some high school girls might be at the beach. I was about to get out, but then Hatori pulled me into the front seat. "Akemi, I need to talk to you." I nodded and closed the door, happy I didn't have to pull my luggage into the house. After everyone was gone, we began driving again. "Remember last month, when we went to the dentist?" I nodded. "Yup!" I said, remembering how the dentist, as usual, poked sharp things in my mouth. I shuddered at the memory. "Well, I got some news!" I covered my mouth. "I don't have a..... CAVITY?! Do I?!" I asked panicking. "No." He said. I wiped my forehead. "Oh, thank God. I can think of anything wor-" He looked at me. "You need braces." I looked at him. "Wait..... WHAT?!" I asked, panicking worse. "You... need..... braces..." He repeated. I pretended to faint. "C'mon Akemi, don't you think your being a bit... mellow dramatic?" I gasped. "ME?! MELLOW DRAMATIC?! WHATEVER DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!!!!"


   So, here we are. At the dumb orthodontists. Turns out, we arrived early, so we get my braces today! Great. "Open wide~!" Dr. Kazuhiro sang. I kept my mouth closed. Hatori touched my shoulder blade. Thats always been a weak part of my body. I opened my mouth and he basically shoved the mold thing into my mouth. "Bite down." he ordered. Ugh! This is disgusting. "Okay you're done!" I spat the mold out, disgusted with the taste. 2 more seconds and I would've puked. "Okay! Time for the bottom~!" He sang loudly. Oh no...


   I put my earphones in, blasting Imagine Dragons. "I'm bleeding out, if it's the last thing that I do...." That's my mouth right now. Dumb braces. I hate this. "You're done." The orthodist said. I shakily stood up. "Are you ready to see your new smile?" He said, smiling. Damn, this guy is creepy. "I'm scared." I murmured grabbing the mirror. I looked into the mirror, and felt my left eye twitch a bit. "Akemi, what do you think?" Hatori asked. I turned to him. "WHY DO THEY LOOK SO WEIRD?!" I grimaced, feeling a frown form on my mouth. My teeth had 2 rows of braces on them, purple and green brackets with the metal wires. Dr. Kazuhiro patted my shoulder. "Don't worry." Hatori chimed in with, "I think they look cute." Yeah, I'll believe that emotionless compliment.


   "Akemi, Akemi, Akemi!" Momiji said hopping in front of me. "Uhh, yeah?" I asked. "Hey what's that on your teeth?" he asked. "What are you taking about?" I asked, trying not to open my mouth too much. "There stuff on your teeth." I began panicking. "N-n-no there's not!" Momiji pouted. "C'mon Akemi, lemme see!!" I sighed and opened my mouth. "AWW! YOU GOT BRACES! THAT'S SO CUTE!!!!!!"

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