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I groaned “urgh, she's so stupid mum why do I have to have such a ugly sister, nothing looks good on her!” I heard sierra screech causing me to wince.

“Step sister” I corrected her, my voice still groggy from sleep.

She scoffed “whatever” she said.

I stood up and I was now in a living room? I looked around what the fuck? Where am i?

I looked down at my attire I was wearing an off the shoulder top and a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers, what were they planning on doing making me a model?

“In my living room” an older voice said as if reading my mind, I looked up at her “I'm your mother” she said.

She was sitting on the kitchen counter taking the skin of an orange

I growled “you wish” I mumbled standing up.

“Let me out? Where’s Brent?” I asked “and the rest of the girls?!” I exclaimed.

“Come outside with me.” Sierra said.

I followed her out into the woods I saw Brent, and Tyrec’s pack Blaine’s pack all the packs that came to help Brent….all my fault I anything happens to them. they were all on there knees there hand tied up behind them with kilophrone.

Jinsu walked out from behind tree holding a fag; he blew it out of his lips a cloud of white smoke disappearing into the air just like I did when I ran away from them, for killing my grandpa.

I narrowed my eyes at him “what are you playing at?” I snarled.

“Oh nothing much…….you’ll find out….within time, have patience Caydee one thing you’ve always lacked” he said.

I clenched my fists.

 “Let Jasolene, holly and sapphire out and Charlie” he said looking me directly in the eyes.

“Hurt them, and your beautiful little daughter will die a slow and painful little death” I said.

“I made a slip-up of underestimating you on the last occasion, but this time I'm arranged. I'm fully sentient of what you can accomplish”

“yeah, I don’t really give a shit, I'm going to kill her if you just as much touch a hair on there head comprendo’?” I said.

He smirked “cocky little Caydee, lets make a deal” he said, he clicked his finger and someone stood behind Brent a syringe with some sort of yellow liquid, I knew what that was.

I gasped “don’t” I said my voice almost begging.......see what i resorted to begging! “please” I said looking at him hoping he would have some sympathy.

He didn’t he just smirked “ready to make the deal?” he asked.

I nodded “what do you want?” I snarled.

“well you see, the thing we injected you with beforehand was something that stops you from turning wolf……not forever just for a couple of days of course” he said an evil look on that ugly fucking face of his “I want you to fight sierra” he said “while she’s in her wolf form” he said.

Brent growled “Caydee don’t!” he exclaimed.

He looked at Brent “inject him” Jinsu said.

“NO! No, no ill do it!” I blurted out they can’t inject Brent that’s going to hurt him!

“Caydee you’re going to die! You can’t do that!” Jasolene exclaimed.

“Sure I can, just give me a shot” I said hoping to lighten the mood failing miserably.

“You’re not doing it!” Brent exclaimed “inject me, she's not doing it”

I growled “yes I am, do you know what that could do to you?” I shouted.

He shook his head “no, and I don’t care your not doing it” he said.

“It’s going to kill you!”

“no, its not going to kill him I think…he has alpha blood, maybe put him in a coma for a couple of……months or years…or maybe kill him” he said smirking.

I felt tears well up at the back of my eyes I closed my eyes, he injected my grandpa with that and that’s how he died you die a slow and painful death first you stop talking then hearing then gradually you cant function properly and your heart stops slowly…and painfully.

I let a tear roll down my cheek,

This is my entire fault I'm so, sorry Brent I said to him.

No, Caydee I don’t care if anything happens to me it’s you I care about I love you, please don’t do it Caydee please. He pleaded his eyes masked in pain

“Oh wait lets add a twist make it more dramatic shall I sierra? You know give us something to be excited about?” he asked looking at his daughter.

She nodded eager to hear what her dad has to say “yeah daddy do it!”


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