My soulmate is a wolf, so why am i in love with a guy? 1&2

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Hey guys i edited these two chapters and in my opinion they are so much better and i would really like to know what you guys think, which do you think is better this one or the first one, ill leave both on in case some like the old one better, so comment vote and let me know. Thanks soooo much...


Chapter 1

Today was one of the hottest days of the summer that also happened to be the second last day and most boring day of school. We didn't really do much in classes so

BORING in capital letters. You see I don't really have much friends, okay fine I don't have any friends. I used to have a couple close friends before it happened but

other than that I was always, you can almost call it invisible. I just got home, I am sixteen and I live with my mom Laura in a two bedroom apartment in New York, you

might think wow NY but my mom doesn't really let me go out, you see she is really protective, after all I am the only family she has left. My mom is beautiful even though she doesn't think so, she has light brown hair and darker brown eyes, almost the colour of milk chocolate but not quiet, she is average height and has the

body of a model. She started working in construction since my dad passes away. She was only nineteen when I was born but she would have been a great mother no matter what age she started having children, I got the same love and care any other child would have with an older parent but I might have gotten a little more patience. Some people say that I look like her when she was my age, but even though we have the same dark brown eyes, I got my dads darker brown hair and some of his facial features that look nothing like my moms. I settled down at the kitchen counter that was as usual extremely clean and started reading a book. Laura had

this plan to send me to live with my grandparents in Romania for the summer and possibly stay there for the next school year. My mama (grandma) and tata (grandpa) live in a small town where everyone knows everything about each other, something that I am not really a fan of but hey what can you do?. I closed my book and looked at the clock on the wall, she should be home any minute and my goal for the day was to convince her that I don't need to go anywhere, god knows that this wasn't the first time but I honestly stopped counting after attempt number five. No sooner I thought about that, I heard keys rattling and saw my mom enter with a bunch of grocery bags.

"Rosy come and take some of these bags." She yelled struggling with the door. I hate when she calls me that it makes me sound six not sixteen.

"Coming!" I yelled back and headed for the door to help her out. After putting the bags on the kitchen table I noticed how tired she looked as she sat down in the kitchen, I made her midday coffee and sat down across from her and started my speech that I practiced a hundred times today.

"Mom I really don't need to go to Romania, I don't even really know them, I only met the like once when I was 10, like six years ago. Besides two months passed and I'm over the whole thing, I don't need to go to place that isn't even on the map to spend quality time with people I don't even know, just please let me stay. Trust me I'm fine." I'm fine, I don't even remember how many times that was my answer when people asked me how I was, my dad just died how the hell do you think I am, but all I said was 'I'm fine.' Like all the other times I tried to convince her this time didn't work, I'm not sure what it was I saw in her eyes, anger or disappointment, maybe both.

"If your 'over it'" she used her fingers to emphasize "then why do you cry yourself to sleep every night, why do you avoid talking about it and why do you always ignore it?" she asked with definite anger flashing in her eyes and washing over he smooth features.

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